Videos `LIVE NOW: President Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Montoursville Pennsylvania. Trump’s POST-GLOBALIST Confrontation with China!!! PRO-LIFE FORCES UNLEASHED! ALABAMA BANS ABORTION!!!!! FINALLY!!! TRUMP ADMIN READY TO ELIMINATE THE POWER OF ACTIVIST JUDGES. TRUMP REVENGE! Justice Dept Investigating Deep State COUP Attempt!!! The Biggest Surprise About Running For President. 2020 Democrat Candidates DESTROYED by #Tucker Carlson for being a Bunch of CLOWNS! Beto O’Rourke Livestreams His Haircut, Man Has NO CLUE Who He Is. Elizabeth Warren 2020 Update: Gets IGNORED by Crowd on Train – YET says “People are Fired Up”. Commie NYC Mayor Gets A TERRIBLE Start to His 2020 Presidential Campaign In HIS OWN CITY. Congressional Candidate Wants To Take On AOC. GOP Congressman Calls for Trump’s IMPEACHMENT!!!

VIDEOS: YELLOW VEST INVADE HOSPITAL IN PARIS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF PROPAGANDA AGAINST THE PEOPLE!! Jimmie Åkesson’s Amazing speech the day Stefan Löfven was re-appointed Swedish PM. Bolsonaro Nullifies Supreme Court’s Ban on Homeschoolling!!!!! Macron Collapsing as Marine Le Pen’s National Rally Surges in Polls!!! SHOCK POLLS: Eurosceptic Parties Poised to STORM Brussels in European Election!!! Right-wing Populism’s ENORMOUS Potential in Europe!!! Is the GLOBALIST Vision of the EU Coming to an END?!?! Trump and Orban Form a NEW POST-GLOBALIST ORDER!!! SHOCK POLL: The BREXIT PARTY to Get More Votes than Labour and Tories COMBINED!!! Is There a Growing REBELLION to Topple Angela Merkel?!?

Videos: Rep. Rashida Tlaib A Woman Of Hate Speech Stands With Hamas, Her Family Ties to Islamic Terror, Rashida Tlaib’s brother praises terrorists, Her Dirty Little Secret of Congressional Junket to Israel. TLAIB’S TALL TALE: UNDENIABLE HISTORICAL PROOF PALESTINIANS NEVER PROVIDED SAFE HAVEN FOR JEWS!!! Islamic Terrorists Now Control Facebook and Twitter. Mosques Receive Threats After Video of Kids Singing “Chop Off Their Heads”. Glazov Moment: Asia Bibi Arrives in Canada; Rejected By UK. Louis Farrakhan Responds to Social Media Ban: Satanic Jews Are Mad I Exposed Their Hatred of Jesus. The threats facing the West can no longer be ignored!! Rashida Tlaib’s Family Ties to Islamic Terror: This video by the Israel Advocacy Movement exposes Rashida Tlaib’s inner circle and their ties to terror and anti-Semitism. Rashida Tlaib’s mother belongs to the Tlaib family from the Palestinian village of Beita in Samaria, known as a hotspot for terrorism. Her brother talks about Islamic dominance... Continue Reading →

Videos: Failing Justin Trudeau Dumbfounds Everyone with Bizarre Laughably Corrupt Promotion. Trudeau’s (U.N.) To Do List, Signs Against Speech But Covers For Extremists. Where are the Trudeau government’s priorities? ~ “I Am Happy!”. “She looks very healthy!” Toronto reacts to plus sized Swimsuit edition – David Menzies. Toronto’s Creepy Mayor … Surviving Toronto in a MAGA Hat. MAGA hat teen’s “punchable face” teacher story revealed. Medicine Hat stands up for Alberta and Mayor Nenshi isn’t helping. What exactly will a “national climate emergency” do? They Actually think we're idiots!!! New Zealand and Sweden are Well conformed to the new world order and are killing their own people. And Who the hell is the UN to dictate Agenda21 to the world? A worldwide genocide agenda. This is unreal!!

Videos: This Is Happening Worldwide And No One Knows Exactly Why…(2019-2020). WHAT A NATIONAL GAURDSMAN SAID WILL SEND CHILLS… Censorship. Can social networks be trusted to allow free speech? Venezuelans’ Message to Maduro Supporters. 108,000 Millionaires Are Fleeing, Maybe You Should Too? NASA Accidentally Confirms The Worlds Biggest Hoax Just Became a Conspiracy! Who is NASA? Operation Paperclip: The CIA and the Nazis  

Videos: Bill and Hillary’s Tour Fails Horribly, Ticket Prices Plummet to $2 Because Nobody Likes Them Now. CONFIRMED: Rep. Hakeem Jefferies (D) – The BIGGEST LIAR in Congress – Media Crickets. Obama Leaves Iran Using Nuclear Blackmail – End The Deep State. Breaking “Air Strikes 7-10 Oil Tankers In Flames” (Coast Of UAE). Rep. Jim Jordan Takes the Floor, DEMOLISHES Dems. CNN Host Promotes ANTIFA Violence Against Conservatives. 5 reasons it sucks to be a Millennial female conservative – Jessica Swietoniowski. Hundreds Rally to Condemn Democrat Brian Sims Bullying Pro-Life Women!!!

Videos: How the CIA Broke America. Rise of Gray State!! Strange Events Just Happening Worldwide!! (2019). The Truth May Shock You! (2019-2020). EAST COAST – OHIO POWER PLANTS PREPARE FOR HUGE EVENT! How Much More Proof Do We Need? IS IT OVER FOR AMERICA? Reason is on the decline, is it permanent or temporary? North Korean Defectors Speak Out After MAGA Hat Incident. The MSM Are The Dumbest People On Earth – The Michael Knowles Show. ‘You’re MISLEADING My Audience!’ Tucker DRILLS Smug Dem on Voter ID Laws. Hank Johnson – You Big Dummy! FAKE NEWS CNN Announces It’s Cutting 300 Jobs!!! Amish Population Explosion GUARANTEES a More Conservative World!!! Michael Knowles At #ProLifePhilly

Videos: Yom Haatzmaut, Israel’s 71st Independence Day. Netanyahu: Bible is our ‘present and future’, U.S. ‘won’t be held hostage by Iran’s nuclear blackmail’, Israel threatens Iran amid JCPOA scale-back, U.S.: Iranian activities may lead to escalation, 700 rockets fired from Gaza toward Israel, Islamic Jihad vows to strike major Israeli cities, Holocaust Memorial Day – TV7 Israel News. Pop up Museum Tel Aviv. Anti-Semitism Across The World – The Ben Shapiro Show

Videos: Extreme Weather Events in 2019. GMOs: Something Very Strange About This!!! 15 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future. Feel Like Time Is Speeding Up Lately…? Alligators In The ARCTIC !!! “Ocean UNDER the Ocean” at FULL capacity – Water has nowhere to go but UP! TV & Hollywood was Never about entertainment It's about programming the masses And 911 Was a set up!! Spiritually speaking, time is speeding because God is making time speed up for the purpose of redemption. Meanwhile the diabolical elite Think they are in control but They too are being played as puppets with... Continue Reading →

Videos: President Trump Rally in Panama City Beach, FL. They’re Changing Trump’s Executive Order. Social Media Purges Will Only INCREASE Right-wing Populism!!! Laura Loomer Brings BANNED Conservatives To Jack Dorsey’s House. White House to Barr: Prepare to Engage. What Happened to the Incubation Periods? The Only 3 Things We Need To Know About Immigration Nikki Haley. Are These the Last Gasps of Our Old Political Order?

Videos: France Rises Against The Elite. YELLOW VEST ACT 25: Macron Faces DISASTROUS Polling!!! Salvini and Orban to Form LARGEST Alliance in European Parliament!!! I Got a Glimpse of Bolsonaro’s Brazil; Here’s What I Saw!!! BREXIT BACKLASH: Tories and Labour Pummeled in Local UK Elections!!! Nigel Farage Battles Snake Pit Sky News – Warns Of Final Betrayal. The AfD’s European election program in 99 seconds. Defenders of the Faith: Why Right-wing Populists are Embracing Religion!!! Nationalist Christian Hungary Sees Highest Marriage and Birthrates in 20 Years!!!

Videos: Justin Trudeau’s “fakeness and incompetence” broke the immigration system, Justin Trudeau’s illegal border crisis GOT WORSE – Michelle Rempel grills Minister of Nothing. Question Period Highlights. Simple Question Minister. The Trudeau government’s shameless approach to public safety. Justin Trudeau is a charlatan. SNC-Lavalin scandal may have more twist & turns. Commies Threaten Premier Ford

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