Videos: Rep. Crenshaw Grills Google Executive Over LEAKED Email Published by Veritas. Google Staff Deleting their Social Accounts following James O’Keefe Latest Video. President Trump Reacts to Veritas Google Investigation: “they’re trying to rig the election”. GOOGLE EXPOSED! Big Tech Caught INTERFERING in 2020 Election!!! Tucker: Google wants to hack 2020 election. Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam. The Opera of Black Pigeon: IMPORTANT Channel Information. Video Shows How Instagram Bans Donald Trump Jr. From Receiving ‘Likes’ ON ANY POST Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam: Insider: Google “is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again.”. See Video:

Videos: Is France Committing Suicide?!? Peterborough By-Election: Disappointing But Not a Defeat for British Populism!!! London is a Sh*thole. Here’s Why Denmark Election was a WIN for Nationalist Populists!!! Estonia and Georgia PUSH BACK against LGBT Pride Events!!! Angela Merkel Shakes Uncontrollably at Ceremony. Again!? Angela Merkel Shakes Uncontrollably for 2nd Time in Weeks. G:20: Trump Holds Meeting with Modi on Trade with India. G20 Protests By Radical Left Get Violent In London 2009 Flashback

VIDEOS: MEGA MAGA ORLANDO: Trump’s Most AMAZING Rally Yet!!! ITS OFFICIAL: President Trump SHOCKS the World at Orlando Florida Speech. Pastor Paula White Delivers Opening Prayer and Donald Trump Jr. Delivers EXPLOSIVE Speech at Reelection Rally. High Schooler Celebrates Trump 2020 with Americans Who ‘Believe in This Country’. Salvini in DC: A New Italy-US Nationalist Populist Alliance Emerging!!! Far-Left Elizabeth Warren Surges in Democratic Polls! Here’s Why!!! Mitt Romney’s REFUSAL to Endorse Will Only HELP Trump in 2020!!! Biden Is Shooting For The STARS When He Says He’ll Win These 5 States. Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man #BETO 2020: Doin’ that CRAZY HAND JIVE. The View Today is Much Different than 2011: They LOVED Donald Trump – BIZARRO WORLD! Why MICHAEL SAVAGE is WRONG about TRUMP 2020!!! Why E. Jean Carroll’s Accusations Against Trump Will FAIL!!! Slavery Reparations will be a DISASTER for the DEMS in 2020!!!

Videos: ***Algorithms Are Meant To Erode Free Will*** Google’s Censorious Urges are Playing a VERY DANGEROUS Game. Senator Cruz Grills Google Executive Over Insider Story #ProjectVeritas . Sen. Cruz Grills Google on Allegations of Politically Biased Censorship. YouTube and Twitter Censor Project Veritas EXPLAINED. RE-UPLOADED & CENSORED – Pinterest Insider Leaks Docs; Live Action Banned + “Bible” Terms Censored. Video Banned Immediately..Why? BECAUSE Insider Exposes Everything On The Trump Inside Agenda. Nobody will Tell You This! (2019-2020). Why Is The Bilderberg 2019 Location Still a Secret? A FREE SPEECH REVOLUTION IS Sweeping Across COLLEGE CAMPUSES!!! Another Ultra-Liberal College COLLAPSING!!! SHOCK POLL: Young People Growing LESS TOLERANT of LGBTs!!! Wendy’s Breaks with Other Companies and Supports Adoption over Abortion!!!

Videos: Trudeau Calls For Censoring Conservative Premiers. REVEALED: Trudeau’s demands for liquor-soaked flights – Sheila Gunn Reid. NO JOKE: CANADA TO BAN CHRISTIANITY FROM PUBLIC AND CRIMINALIZE IT!!! Trudeau’s PMO silent on six-figure salary info once demanded from Harper. Scheer’s office directed MPs to cancel committee video broadcast. Marxist “Liberal” Demoralization of Canadians & Why it’s so Effective. Trudeau bans single-use plastic. Hate speech should not just be speech that you hate. NB Premier Higgs Responds To Trudeau’s Remark About Unity. Trudeau’s latest attack on Canada’s energy sector. NOT WELCOME: Rebel banned from Muslim event featuring Trudeau – David Menzies  

Videos: Black Pigeon Speaks BANNED From YouTube for WHAT Exactly?? Social Rot of VICTIMHOOD & Microaggression Culture. Youtube Censors took out Ovation Eddie – Join His backup channel NOW! YOUPURGE: CEO SAYS OVER 9 MILLION VIDEOS HAVE BEEN REMOVED: ADMITS SOME DIDN’T EVEN VIOLATE TERMS!!! Former Alt-Right Kid Calls for MORE YouTube Censorship on CNN. Fired Pinterest Insider Goes Public. Censoring Opposition to Censorship. I’m Sick and Tired of Globalist NETFLIX Insulting Our Values!!!I Know How We Can Hurt Them. Here’s Why Big Tech Censor-Loving Liberals Have Already Lost!!!

Videos: D-DAY ANNIVERSARY. President Trump JAW DROPPING Speech in Normandy D-Day. 75 Years later, Trump News June 6, 2019. Media IGNORES MASSIVE Crowd In London SUPPORTING Trump. Trump 2020: The Greatest President of This Generation. Shock Poll: More Americans Believe Trump Will Be Reelected Than Did Obama!!! President Trump WINS Trade War with Mexico and Further Secures the Border!!! Trump Imposes Post-Globalist Tariffs on Mexico until THEY Seal the Border!!! Trump wins – HUMILIATES EVERYONE – The Media, Democrats & Republicans #TFNOriginal #Tariffs. State Department URGENT Press Briefing with Morgan Ortagus. Matt Gaetz: Stop harassing The Trump Family The original video I had posted was made by Trump Fan Network and they did an amazing job. But as usual ScrewTube deleted the entire channel. Now when you do a search for this event you will Only see fake stream medias appear. They own the entire broadcast and now they must have dominion... Continue Reading →

Videos `Breaking: Jullian Assange poisoned while in Belmarch Prison,UK. Who Does the Media Most Want to Silence? New York Times vs. Free Speech – The Andrew Klavan Show. YouTube, Google, Twitter Lawsuit Goes To Supreme Court, AG, & Congress. You Can No Longer Criticize Illegal Immigration. Boom! Trump Just Responded to Twitter’s Banning of Conservative Voices. Government might shut down social media companies during election. EXPOSED: Horrifying Details Of New Hollywood Presidential ‘Decapitation’ Plan! Weatherman Joe Crain Fired for Not Spreading Enough Fear to Viewers – Code Red. Throwing Milkshakes is a New Liberal Trend. First Amendment Triumph – The Extraordinary Directed Verdict in the Teter v. Veritas Trial

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Shavuot dear friends around the world :-) Videos: If the Jewish People Never Received the Torah. Shavuot: The Holiday for the People of the Book. Judaism’s Unique Claim: National Revelation

Chag Shavuot Sameach!   If the Jewish People Never Received the Torah: What would a world without Torah look like? Shavuot: The Holiday for the People of the Book:  Shavuot could be considered the holiday of the book. Unlike Rosh Hashanah which has the shofar, Chanukah which has the menorah and Sukkot which... Continue Reading →

Videos: Ben Shapiro on How Leftists try to Silence Conservative Voices.U.S. Officials to Grill Christopher Steele in London. Mueller Witness Arrested for Child Porn. OBAMA Disgraces America and the CONSTITUTION in Hateful Filled Speech To Brazilian People. Body Language: Trump & May, UK State Visit. The Fake News Media FALSELY Accuse Pres. Trump Again… DHS Buying 2.2 Million Diapers. OOPSIE! Liberal Mayor Cries For Border Wall To Be Demolished, But LOOK What Happened Next. This Trump Hating Congresswoman has a Beautiful Wall. Swing State Poll: Who will win 2020?  

Videos: DMT – The Hidden Truth (2019). White House Man on Fire, Hallucinating on Drugs? Did The Government Just Test The Internet Kill Switch? If Not, Then Why Did This Happen… Julian Assange Writes a Warning Letter To The Public—What’s Inside Will Send Chills Down Your Spine. NEAR DEATH? JULIAN ASSANGE GRAVELY ILL- LIKELY NEVER TO BE EXTRADITED TO THE US. NEW REPORT SHOWS WORLD WIDE CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION AT GENOCIDAL LEVELS. Ever hear of Saint Peter? Knowles takes pro-abortion Christians to (Sunday) school. Brother Of Fallen Soldier UNLEASHES On Student Protesters – Rob Shimshock. SECRET DEAL: OBAMA SENT 2 RWANDANS WHO KILLED AMERICANS TO AUSTRALIA TO ESCAPE JUSTICE!!!

Videos: WINNING: Trump’s Approval Rating Hits HIGHEST POINT in Two Years!!! When Lefty’s FALSELY accuse President Trump of inciting violence and “Attacking John McCain” AGAIN! The SWAMP Strikes Back: Mueller Fuels Impeachment Calls against Trump!!! Stand up and Rally FOR TRUMP – Special Request to you -Dan Bongino. Everyone STUNNED When Melania UPSTAGES Queen Elizabeth In Front of ENTIRE WORLD. IT’S NOT COMING DOWN! Camping World CEO Responds to City’s Demand to Take His American Flag Down. AG Barr Blasts The Media For Ignoring Trump Team Spying. DEEP STATE DEATH SENTENCES? PRESIDENT TRUMP SURE SEEMS TO THINK SO. TRUMP JUST DECLARED WAR! You Won’t Believe Who It Is Against… Trump Administration’s Brutal Big-Tech Break-Up :-) Big Tech Is Big Brother

Videos: and Liberals Sink to NEW LOW in Polls as Canada Turns to the Right!!! The FALL of TRUDEAU!!! Trudeau staffer Terry Guillon bullies Rebel reporter | Keean Bexte. Are we at risk of losing the lessons of the 20th century? How Canadian Oil And Gas Can Fight “Climate Change”. ***Justin Trudeau STEALS ANOTHER $1.4 Billion from Canadians to Give to Foreign Countries***. Andrew Scheer caves to the left by kicking Conservative MP off committee. Skydome: 30 years of being obsolete from opening day – David Menzies Everything they have taught us for decades was a lie now they simply want to Delete  history period! Please consider The Canadian Nationalist Party:  

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