Videos: Technology Is Becoming Indistinguishable From Reality. If This Goes Public America Will Wake-Up! If Not, We’ll Suffer Worse Than a Stalin Regime! Bilderberg 2019! You Won’t Believe Who’s Going & The Agenda They Admit To! Secrets Explode! HALF THE COUNTRY COULD NOT MAKE A CALL? Spiritual Warning for America! (2019-2020). This Just Happened In Antarctica… People somewhat MYSTIFIED by some of these things – “Ghost Moon” – “Ghost Jets” America – Nobody’s Talking About This!

They Pushed for loneliness and separation of families for the longest time. Now they talk about us as though we out of the blue wanted this… In the 60’s they created TV shows featuring a single female living alone Downtown “Exploring” the world, sleeping around with practically no contact with her family members disrespecting them and mocking them. Nothing different today.

Just look how they got the masses to live downtown Sustainable living, controlled, in the grid and watched. They were brilliant in their indoctrination tactics, experiments and brainwashing for decades but their arrogance disabled them to acknowledge the fact that the masses would One day be Fed Up, grossed out disgusted. That IS what is happening now and the Populist Revolt continues…

NO matter what century, a slave is a slave. Have you ever met a happy slave?!!


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