Videos: Israel conducts deadly retaliatory strikes against Syria, Iran-Hamas cooperate in battling Israel, Heightened Security Ahead of Jerusalem Day Celebrations, Abbas: U.S. peace plan ‘will go to hell’, Israel conducts a deadly retaliatory bombardment in Syria, U.S. to deploy additional forces to confront Iran, Record-high heat wave coupled fires across Israel, Southern Israel on fire, amid barrage of incendiary balloons – TV7 Israel News. What Iran’s Regime & Turkey’s Erdogan are Planning for the Middle East — Why They Must Be Stopped. Erdoğan’s Istanbul Nightmare. Jews Defy Threats of Muslim Violence and March through the Old City of Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day. The Most Banned Woman on the Internet Visits Jerusalem

Erdoğan’s Istanbul Nightmare:  Turkey’s Supreme Electoral Board, consisting of judges apparently under government pressure, cancelled the result of the Istanbul mayoral election on the pretext that some officials serving at the polling stations were not civil servants, as required by the law. “The Board’s decision brings Turkish democracy one big step closer to death,” wrote Kemal Kirişçi, senior fellow at TÜSİAD, Turkey’s biggest business association. “It appears that losing Istanbul entails too many risks for the AKP for the matter to be left to its own resources. Many are convinced that if the AKP were to lose Istanbul to the opposition, after having held it – with its precursor – for 25 years, a hornet’s nest of vested interests, corruption, and abuse of power would be revealed.” — Semih Idiz, a columnist for Sigma Turkey, an Ankara-based think tank. Even if Erdoğan wins Istanbul in the re-run, he will have lost the last few remaining crumbs of his international credibility. Read More:


Jews Defy Threats of Muslim Violence and March through the Old City of Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day: Every year, we celebrate the miracles of Jerusalem Day with a mass parade, marching through the Old City of Jerusalem. This year, the ruling Fatah movement of the Palestinian Authority called upon all Muslims to use violence against the parading Jews. Jerusalem is the capital city to the Jewish people since King David 3,000 years ago. No threats, violence or terror will able stop us from our eternal connection to our holy city Jerusalem. All we want to do is to march peacefully, sing and dance to celebrate our holy city. Read More See Video:

The Most Banned Woman on the Internet Visits Jerusalem: Laura Loomer just had an amazing visit experiencing Jerusalem. She gets it. She understands how special it is to be part of the Jewish people living in our homeland, Israel. Unfortunately her millions of online followers couldn’t see her updates because she has been banned. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have all banned her from their platforms because of her conservative views. She is one of many prominent conservative voices to be recently banned from the social media platforms. Do not miss her amazing insight about visiting Jerusalem and Israel. Read More See Video:


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