Videos: D-DAY ANNIVERSARY. President Trump JAW DROPPING Speech in Normandy D-Day. 75 Years later, Trump News June 6, 2019. Media IGNORES MASSIVE Crowd In London SUPPORTING Trump. Trump 2020: The Greatest President of This Generation. Shock Poll: More Americans Believe Trump Will Be Reelected Than Did Obama!!! President Trump WINS Trade War with Mexico and Further Secures the Border!!! Trump Imposes Post-Globalist Tariffs on Mexico until THEY Seal the Border!!! Trump wins – HUMILIATES EVERYONE – The Media, Democrats & Republicans #TFNOriginal #Tariffs. State Department URGENT Press Briefing with Morgan Ortagus. Matt Gaetz: Stop harassing The Trump Family


The original video I had posted was made by Trump Fan Network and they did an amazing job. But as usual ScrewTube deleted the entire channel. Now when you do a search for this event you will Only see fake stream medias appear. They own the entire broadcast and now they must have dominion over social medias. How disgusting and greedy is that?!!


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