Videos: President Trump Rally Speech in Greenville North Carolina. President Trump: If you’re not happy in the U.S. – LEAVE! – #TFNOriginal . Rep. Michael McCaul SLAMS Ilhan Omar, Exposes WHY She Has To Go! ‘Pelosi Happy to Work-Out Free Travel Arrangements’. Antifa is a Domestic Terror Organization! ANTIFA Terrorist Praised As A Hero! BUSTED: CNN Not Covering ANTIFA Attack on ICE Facility. #Pressley, #AOC & #Omar are asked “Will you condemn Antifa Attack?” – They Give No Reply at All! ANTIFA ATTACKS ICE Detention Facility With Molotov Cocktails! Here’s the REAL REASON President Trump attacked the Freshman Democrats

Videos: Democrat Judge Found Guilty on All Counts. MA Texting Case Results In Teen Manslaughter Charges – Do Not Text This Way. Dr. Mark Green (Tenn. R) TOTALLY RIPS Democrats at House oversight hearing on detention centers. Sen. Cruz Speaks With NBCDFW’s Julie Fine on the Escalating Border Crisis. Deportations On Sunday, Trump Win In Court !!! Sen. Cruz Destroys Google for Its Abuse of Monopoly Power on Fox. CNN is in a Full-Blown Ratings PANIC!!!! R.I.P. Eric Swalwell’s Presidential Campaign. Joe Biden: A Pathological Liar, Gone unchecked for Half a Century. WOW: CNN Tells Democrats Rename Socialism To Deceive Voters. Setting-Up Trump  

VIDEOS: DISCLOSURE OF THE TRANNY DEMONS. The Infallible AI “Oracle” and the Future of “One Shot” Answers. Do People Realize They Are Creating Their Own Overlords? Lights Out. Mad world. Ebola Spreads to World Gateway. MILLIONS OF BEES ARE KILLED IN COMMIE-FORNIA. OVER 10,000 Aftershocks and CLIMBING! Line stretching 60 MILES! 14 Trillion Gallons of Rain. Oroville’s Weeping Spillway. Unexplained Events – Happening Worldwide!  

Videos: Angela Merkel Seen Shaking Uncontrollably for THIRD time in Three Weeks. Italy’s National Populist Gov’t ARRESTS Activist Captain of Migrant Ship!!! All 12 speeches from the Lega / Identity & Democracy rally in Milan, English subtitles. Greece Turns to the NATIONALIST RIGHT!!! My response to the prosecutor’s claim: Tackle the Moroccan pool terrorists and leave me alone! Jair Bolsonaro Addresses MILLIONS at March for Jesus in Brazil!!! Tommy Robinson Seeks Political Asylum in the U.S. Tommy Robinson GUILTY!!! Here’s why it will only FUEL Populist REVOLT!!!  

And I will plant them on their land, and they shall no longer be uprooted from upon their land, that I have given them, said the Lord your God. AMOS (9:15)

Videos `Tucker: The Democratic Party is now a religious cult. Tucker Has Nothing to Apologize For. Exposing the Federal Reserve Money Cartel. How Hollywood Has Normalized Child Abuse. Is There A Difference Between Sex & Gender? “We Will Get Answers One Way or the Other”. WINNING: Trump Set to Raise Record $2 BILLION for Reelection!!! President Trump Thanks Project Veritas Tech Investigations at White House Social Media Summit. “We Will Not Let Them Get Away with It Much Longer”. SOCIAL MEDIA BIAS: President Trump URGENT Speech on Leftist Twitter and Facebook Bias. UNREAL: Facebook Encourages Users To MURDER Conservatives.

Videos: IN YOUR FACE book – Laura Loomer Files $3 BILLION Suit Against Leftist Tech Giant for Defamation!!! Facebook Put a Fatwa On Me. Another Example of CNN being 100% Fake News. CNN: Train Journalism Students to be Left Wing Activists. Fox News Discriminates Against Real Conservatives! UPDATE: Washington Post Prints Correction After Falsely Claiming Veritas Videos Fake. He’s PISSED! President Trump UNLOADS On FOX News In Heated Twitter Rant. MEDIA FAIL: Trump Gets Highest Approval Yet; Surpasses Obama!!! New York Democrat Pledges to VOTE GOP Until His Party Returns to ‘Sanity’!!!

VIDEOS: 5G CELL TOWERS BECOMES DEATH SENTENCE FOR MILLIONS OF AMERICANS. TOXIC SEEPAGE OF ELECTRICITY IN WATER SUPPLY IS POISONING MILLIONS OF AMERICANS. CELL PHONES LINKED TO A.I.D.S LIKE SYMPTOMS – COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEM. AFGHAN ASYLUM SEEKER STABS RANDOM WHITE PEOPLE AT CONVENIENCE STORE. Nuclear Explosion – 6.6 (now 6.4) magnitude S. California earthquake on July 4, 2019. Possible “FrankenStorm” to form in Gulf – Hurricane trying to SPAWN over LAND!! Foul Play Suspected. Chiropractor who ‘claimed vaccines CAUSE measles’ is fined $100,000 by Canadian medical committee for spreading ‘harmful’ anti-vaxx myths online. Unexplained Events – Happening Worldwide! Chiropractor who ‘claimed vaccines CAUSE measles’ is fined $100,000 by Canadian medical committee for spreading 'harmful' anti-vaxx myths online: Chiropractor who ‘claimed vaccines CAUSE measles’ is fined $100,000 by Canadian medical committee for spreading 'harmful' anti-vaxx myths online. Read More:

Videos: YouTube Bans Criticism of Honor Killings (Freedom of Speech, Hate Speech, and Deplatforming). AfroFuture Music Festival Charges White People DOUBLE the Ticket Price!!! TOMMY ROBINSON FOUND GUILTY! (Robert Spencer and David Wood). Tommy Robinson: FULL SPEECH after “guilty” verdict. White House Invites James O’Keefe to Social Media Summit on Heels of Veritas’ Google Exposé  

Videos `Hyper Woke Demand: CANCEL AMERICA. Warnings from the Swamp!!! WTH? Jeb Bush Posts Most BIZARRE Tweet On Independence Day… Was It Sinister? GOP Senate Majority Just Released Video That DESTROYS The ENTIRE Socialist Agenda. Even Liberals Admit Democrats Are In DENIAL About 2020!!! The President Trump Independence Day Tribute – 4th of July – #MAGA #TFNOriginal  

Videos: Canada’s ‘Barack Obama’ SNUBBED By Unexpected World Leader At G20 Summit. Trudeau A Loser At G20. Justin Trudeau & Macron Losing Badly in Polls, Desperately Silence Critics. #GarbageShip update: Canada won’t release internal documents until AFTER election – Sheila Gunn Reid. Jordan Hunt EXPOSED: Torontonians shocked at probation for assault – David Menzies. CBC’s Drag Kids!!!  

VIDEOS: PRESIDENT TRUMP SHOULD IGNORE DEMOCRATS, CONGRESS, & THE LAW BY INVOKING THE INSURRECTION ACT. James Dobson Issues Dire Warning To America…Be Ready!!! Fake Outrage At Border Crisis, All For Show, Ted Cruz Tells All. AOC Visits Border Facility Seconds Later She’s BUSTED For Her FALSE CLAIMS! Holocaust Survivor Calls For Aoc To ‘Be Removed. AOC RAIDS AMERICA’S FEMA CAMPS WHERE PRISONERS WERE FORCED TO DRINK FROM THE TOILET. Schumer calls for top Border Patrol officials to be fired. ICE Immigration Raids Will Begin After 4th of July

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