Videos: PM Netanyahu addresses CUFI 2019 Summit in Washington. Netanyahu Highlights A Historical Evening in Jerusalem. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Son Speaks to a Crowd of Christians in Alabama. Caroline Glick went to Dallas Texas and blew the minds of her audience. Brooke Goldstein talks about what no one else will. $700 Quintillion Gold Asteroid to be Mined by NASA Paving the Way for Messiah to Arrive. Sanhedrin to Host Conference of 70 Nations to Take Place on Anniversary of Creation of the World: Nations Answer Call. Discover the Mystery of a 9-Ton Slab of Glass Found in the Cave of Beit Shearim, Israel. The discovery that the Muslims are trying to rebury. The rendition of “Sound of Silence”

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu shows appreciation for John Hagee and the Christian community as a whole. Netanyahu Highlights A Historical Evening in Jerusalem: Even though July 4th celebrations begin on July 4th, the US Embassy to Israel held its official celebration party on the eve of July 2nd, in Jerusalem. This was the... Continue Reading →

Videos: Iran Threatens to Sink US Warships and Destroy Israel. Iran’s not hiding it, but Europe is – and Bibi proved it. Video Proof Outside Actors Behind Ethiopian Protests: “Rioters Paid by Soros”. UN Singles Out Israel as World’s Only Violator of Women’s Rights; Iran, Saudi Arabia & Yemen Among the Voters. What the world is afraid to say out loud about the Palestinian Arabs. The Craziest Attack on Random Palestinians in a Saudi Arabian Mall. “Palestinian” Arab Muslims Attack Saudi Arabian Blogger on the Temple Mount for the Most Surprising Reason. An imam’s message from the Auschwitz death camp. Britain finally has a PM who is honest about Israel

Iranian officials are threatening to sink U.S. warships and destroy Israel, signaling a new round of escalation in nuclear tensions. Read More: There are many lessons to learn from one and two generations ago. One of the key lessons to learn is that dictators with plans to conquer and dominate much of the... Continue Reading →

Videos: The disturbing link between the Nazis and Jihadis. SILENT EXODUS by Pierre Rehov. Trump is the First US President to Finally Take on the Muslim Brotherhood. When Liberals support the Palestinian Authority, they are really supporting THIS! Horrendous Incitement Exposed inside Mosques Across North America. If you think the Holocaust could never happen today, watch this and think again…

It may seem like a stretch to use terms like radical Islam and Naziism in the same sentence. But actually, the two are deeply intertwined. Radical Islam existed way before this generation and actually worked hand in hand with the Nazis during World War II. The key figure is the Mufti of Jerusalem. Read More:... Continue Reading →

Videos: What Is All The Spying Really About – The Dark Truth About What’s Happening!!! IF TRUE? THIS IS HUGE! – BREAKING EXCLUSIVE! Scientists Attempting to Open Portal to Parallel Universe In Tennessee. Why Are Millions Of People Going To Storm Area 51 ? Is Atmospheric “Iron Dome” TRAPPING Heat? Current Sr. Google Engineer Goes Public on Camera: Tech is “dangerous,” “taking sides” #ProjectVeritas . The Price of Speaking-Out. Google Accused of “Treason” Over China Ops. END of a Free Hong Kong BEGINS. Every Move You Make – The Andrew Klavan Show. David Horowitz On The Left’s War On Christianity- Western Conservative Summit 2019. Those With The Highest Vibrations Wins!

Videos `POLL: Republican Support RISES for Trump after Squad Tweets!!! The Mueller Hearings REVEAL that Democrats Know Trump Will Be Reelected in 2020!!! Robert Mueller Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee. Why Liberals Are LOSING the Ideological Battle against Nationalists!!! THE DEMOCRATS DESTROYED THEMSELVES: Trump Responds to Mueller Testimony at Press Conference. ‘Robin Hood’ Tlaib Wants to Play with Our Wallets and Refuses To Condemn SHARIA, HAMAS, ANTIFA, and FGM. SHOCK STUDY: College ‘Educated’ Democrats DISCONNECTED from REALITY!!! How Millennials are Embracing Socialism. President Trump Sends $1.5 Million to Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers After Cutting Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Funds President Trump Sends $1.5 Million to Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers After Cutting Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Funds:  In 2017, the Trump administration announced plans to cut millions of dollars in grants to Planned Parenthood through the failed Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. Now the Trump administration is... Continue Reading →

Videos: Crying Democrat State Senator Sent to Prison. Democrat Judge Dragged from Courtroom After Being Sentenced to Jail. 2 Arrests Made After FBI Raid in Corruption Case Linked to Democrat Party. Democrat Mayor Pleads Guilty, City Somehow Has 2 Mayors Now? Commissioner Arrested. Heather Podesta & Anthony Weiner Aide Will Control Congress on Privacy Issues. Black Hawks Over D.C. Creepy Porn Lawyer may be on Suicide Watch.. BOOM! Matt Gaetz: “We will take NO Lecture from You!” WOW: Rep. Jim Jordan Explodes Over Democrat Misinformation. Julian Castro 100% political HACK -would RADICALLY destroy America as we know it – #Liar . The TRUTH about AOC’S challenger SCHERIE MURRAY…Trump INTENSE Speech at Turning Point USA Event. DEMOCRATS Admit: Trump “WON THIS ONE” and He’s “POLITICALLY BRILLIANT”!!! WINNING: Trump’s Electoral College Advantage GROWING for 2020!!! Brigitte Gabriel at the Western Conservative Summit

VIDEOS: ILHAN OMAR IS NOT EVEN HER REAL NAME!!! HER TRUE FAMILY HISTORY EXPOSED. Rep. Ilhan Omar: Pathological LIAR! – So-Called “Fact Checkers,” CRICKETS!! TRUMP EXPOSES FOUR DEMOCRAT CONGRESSWOMEN: President FIERY Press Conference at the White House. DEPORTING ILHAN OMAR!; How to Win War for Judeo-Christian Values. Lopez Moment: Hamas Runs Espionage Ops in Turkey. Waters Moment: U.K.’s New PM Bows to Islam. Montreal police asked to submit to Islamic Law. Twelve years ago it was a parody, today it’s the news. Israeli ambassador reacts to upcoming visit from Omar, Tlaib. Strait of Hormuz: Tensions Escalate. 19 Jul – Britain Says Iran Seized Two UK-Linked Vessels Within Hours Of Each Other. Clare Lopez – ACWT Interview. FULL SPEECH: Fr PM of Canada Stephen Harper speaks at the 2019 Free Iran conference Twelve years ago it was a parody, today it’s the news: This might be a funny parody, but sadly, this is how the media often reports the news. They sound like this. The media refuses to name the enemy. Read More: Continue Reading →

Videos: Ben Carson on What Happened When He Privately Asked an ACLU Leader: Would You Speak for the Unborn? SHOCK STUDY: 95 Percent of Biologists Say Life Begins at Conception!!! Netflix Sees Historic Subscriber Drop, Loses 126,000 Customers After Threatening to Boycott Pro-Life Georgia. School District Manages to Outrage 1,000 Parents. This NEW Dire Warning Issued By Edward Snowden Is Sending Shockwaves Through The Internet. Sen. Cruz Grills Google Executive on Alleged Censorship Bias and Questions Victims of Censorship. FINALLY!!! Senate Introduces Legislation declaring ANTIFA a TERRORIST ORG. These Changes are Biblical! (2019-2020 EVENTS). Brandon Tatum: Liberals HATE this country – #TFNOriginal . The Problem Of Evil And Suffering Netflix Sees Historic Subscriber Drop, Loses 126,000 Customers After Threatening to Boycott Pro-Life Georgia: Netflix’s latest quarterly report shows the streaming service giant experienced a chill in growth with its first quarterly loss of paid domestic subscribers in eight years. The dip in subscriptions came in the same quarter as Netflix’s decision to... Continue Reading →

Videos: The Watchman Episode 132: The Time for Pro-Israel Christians to Stand Up is Now. The Watchman Episode 133: Why Jerusalem is On The Rise. The Watchman Episode 134: New Archaeological Discoveries at Jerusalem’s City of David. What’s happening to European Jews better wake up America. The Watchman Episode 135: Jerusalem Underground — Journey Deep Inside Zedekiah’s Cave. The Mystery of the Copper Scroll and What it Means for Jerusalem. How President Trump is Holding the Iranian Regime Accountable. Israeli Security Experts: “America Needs A Border Wall” – Laura Loomer What’s happening to European Jews better wake up America: European Jews live their lives with fear. When will the next attack be and against which Jewish establishment? Statistics show their fears are legitimate.  Read More See Video:

Videos: Jeffrey Helped Create Clinton Global Initiative. A Comey is Prosecuting Epstein Case. The Case of Jeffrey Epstein Reveals How Heinous Left-Wing Globalists Really Are!!! Bill Clinton Releases Panicked Statement on Jeffrey Epstein. Trump: Challenging All Investigative Journalists to Find Out Who Visited Epstein’s Island. Epstein’s Saudi Arabia Fake ID Passport Discovered During Raid. SECRET TUNNELS DISCOVERED AT EPSTEIN’S PEDOPHILE ISLAND. Hillary Canceled all Speeches at Cybersecurity Event Due to “Unforeseen Circumstance”. BLEACH BIT BS: HILLARY CLINTON’S “LOST” EMAILS LIKELY EXIST & JAMES COMEY HAS THEM. Peru Ex-President Arrested in U.S. Bizarre Clinton Foundation Connection

Videos: President Trump Rally Speech in Greenville North Carolina. President Trump: If you’re not happy in the U.S. – LEAVE! – #TFNOriginal . Rep. Michael McCaul SLAMS Ilhan Omar, Exposes WHY She Has To Go! ‘Pelosi Happy to Work-Out Free Travel Arrangements’. Antifa is a Domestic Terror Organization! ANTIFA Terrorist Praised As A Hero! BUSTED: CNN Not Covering ANTIFA Attack on ICE Facility. #Pressley, #AOC & #Omar are asked “Will you condemn Antifa Attack?” – They Give No Reply at All! ANTIFA ATTACKS ICE Detention Facility With Molotov Cocktails! Here’s the REAL REASON President Trump attacked the Freshman Democrats

Videos: Democrat Judge Found Guilty on All Counts. MA Texting Case Results In Teen Manslaughter Charges – Do Not Text This Way. Dr. Mark Green (Tenn. R) TOTALLY RIPS Democrats at House oversight hearing on detention centers. Sen. Cruz Speaks With NBCDFW’s Julie Fine on the Escalating Border Crisis. Deportations On Sunday, Trump Win In Court !!! Sen. Cruz Destroys Google for Its Abuse of Monopoly Power on Fox. CNN is in a Full-Blown Ratings PANIC!!!! R.I.P. Eric Swalwell’s Presidential Campaign. Joe Biden: A Pathological Liar, Gone unchecked for Half a Century. WOW: CNN Tells Democrats Rename Socialism To Deceive Voters. Setting-Up Trump  

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