Videos: Freedom Watch Citizens Grand Jury – Mueller Indictment Part 1 Introduction & Jury Instructions. Obamas DOJ Granted Immunity to Hillary’s Lawyer Who Destroyed 33000 Emails. NBC NEWS: Hillary Clinton covered up pedophile ring. Failing John Podesta Forced to Sell Off Liberal Media Site Amid ‘Severe Financial Strains’. Jeffrey Epstein’s Files (2000 documents) are Being Released. Destroying America From Within. Probing the Manipulators. Silicon Valley competitors work together against Trump – Ezra Levant. Ex Google Staffer Hides $90 Million Severance From Prenup. AZ Governor PUNISHES NIKE after Nixing Betsy Ross Shoes that Kaepernick found OFFENSIVE!!! San FranPSYCHO To Cover George Washington Mural – Rob Shimshock. HYPOCRISY: Here are the ACTUAL NAMES of 86 Slaves Kamala Harris’s Great-Grandparents OWNED… Body Language: Trump Kim Korean Border Meeting

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