VIDEOS: ILHAN OMAR IS NOT EVEN HER REAL NAME!!! HER TRUE FAMILY HISTORY EXPOSED. Rep. Ilhan Omar: Pathological LIAR! – So-Called “Fact Checkers,” CRICKETS!! TRUMP EXPOSES FOUR DEMOCRAT CONGRESSWOMEN: President FIERY Press Conference at the White House. DEPORTING ILHAN OMAR!; How to Win War for Judeo-Christian Values. Lopez Moment: Hamas Runs Espionage Ops in Turkey. Waters Moment: U.K.’s New PM Bows to Islam. Montreal police asked to submit to Islamic Law. Twelve years ago it was a parody, today it’s the news. Israeli ambassador reacts to upcoming visit from Omar, Tlaib. Strait of Hormuz: Tensions Escalate. 19 Jul – Britain Says Iran Seized Two UK-Linked Vessels Within Hours Of Each Other. Clare Lopez – ACWT Interview. FULL SPEECH: Fr PM of Canada Stephen Harper speaks at the 2019 Free Iran conference

Twelve years ago it was a parody, today it’s the news: This might be a funny parody, but sadly, this is how the media often reports the news. They sound like this. The media refuses to name the enemy. Read More:

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