Videos: Crying Democrat State Senator Sent to Prison. Democrat Judge Dragged from Courtroom After Being Sentenced to Jail. 2 Arrests Made After FBI Raid in Corruption Case Linked to Democrat Party. Democrat Mayor Pleads Guilty, City Somehow Has 2 Mayors Now? Commissioner Arrested. Heather Podesta & Anthony Weiner Aide Will Control Congress on Privacy Issues. Black Hawks Over D.C. Creepy Porn Lawyer may be on Suicide Watch.. BOOM! Matt Gaetz: “We will take NO Lecture from You!” WOW: Rep. Jim Jordan Explodes Over Democrat Misinformation. Julian Castro 100% political HACK -would RADICALLY destroy America as we know it – #Liar . The TRUTH about AOC’S challenger SCHERIE MURRAY…Trump INTENSE Speech at Turning Point USA Event. DEMOCRATS Admit: Trump “WON THIS ONE” and He’s “POLITICALLY BRILLIANT”!!! WINNING: Trump’s Electoral College Advantage GROWING for 2020!!! Brigitte Gabriel at the Western Conservative Summit

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