Shabbat Shalom dear friends around the world :-) Netanyahu to make Pro-3rd Temple Politician Top Official. Science Confirms: the Human Soul Lives on After Death

Men from far away shall come and take part in the building of the Temple of Hashem Zechariah 6:15 (The Israel Bible™)   It has been confirmed that Zehut (Identity) party leader Moshe Feiglin will order his party, Zehut, to step down in the current election to join Netanyahu’s Likud party who will make him a “high... Continue Reading →

Videos: Has Concluded All FISA Warrants Used to Spy on Trump Were ILLEGAL. CORRUPT OFFICIALS LEARN THEIR PUNISHMENT. GRAND JURY INDICTS Democrat Mayor Named in Podesta Emails. Body Language: Political Espionage CEO Patrick Byrne. Lord Rothschild Panicking, Fed Told to Sway 2020 Election Against Trump. A Parallel System Is Coming. I WARNED YOU: SILICON VALLEY INSTALLING CHINESE STYLE SOCIAL CREDIT SCORING SYSTEM !!! Google’s Hero Revealed. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Days on Supreme Court Are Coming to an End!!! Broke Dems Fundraise in MEXICO while GOP Breaks Another Record!!! Kirsten Gillibrand Drops Out of 2020 Race – Another One Bites the Dust! Latina Congress Candidate Blasts Ocasio Cortez: I Love America Unlike AOC. Trump Lawyers POUNCE on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell – FORCE Him To Admit He’s FAKE NEWS. Defending Our Catholic Heritage: Rejecting HexFest. Border Patrol Releases Drone Footage of 60 MILES of Trump’s New WALL!!! Trump’s Greatest Achievement

Videos: Donald Trump URGENT Press Conference with President Macron of France at G7. Iran news in brief, August 28, 2019. Trade War Escalates After China Puts Tariffs on US – China Uncensored. Body Language: G7 Stressful 2019. Merkel on the Brink: Nationalist AfD Set to WIN German Elections on Sunday!!! AfD TV ad for 2019 Brandenburg state election. British Reporter Tries to Bait President Trump to Attack Boris Johnson, Watch how he responds. Boris Johnson Insists Irish Backstop Be Removed To Avoid No Deal Brexit. Boris Suspends UK Parliament; Liberals FREAK OUT As UK Closer to Brexit!!! Trump Rattles Global Markets. Salvini Next Prime Minister of Italy! Tells Migrant Ship to go to Socialist Spain!!!

Videos: Rampant Racism EXPOSED at The New York Times!!! NY Times Correspondent Says Most Deranged Statement On TV! MELTDOWN: CNN & MSNBC Go Completely Insane. Mark Levin excoriates Humpty Dumpty, Brian Stelter. NBC News Claims Heterosexuality OPPRESSES Women!!! YouTube’s BANNING of James Allsup, Iconoclast, Sellner Will Only INCREASE Populism!!! The Youtube algorithm is anti-Israel. TRIGGER WARNING: Ted Cruz goes scorched earth on anti-free speech culture. DEM DISARRAY: Tlaib Calls For BOYCOTT of Bill Maher Show!!! GILLETTE: THE BEST A COMPANY CAN GET-AT LOSING 8 BILLION DOLLARS. Gallup Poll: There are FEWER Democrats Today than in 2016!!! Piers Morgan Gets Red Pilled: ‘Liberals Have Become Unbearable’!!!

Videos: Messiah, Resurrection Of The Dead, The Final World Of The Souls. Clear signs before Messiah in bible code Glazerson. What Happened In Israel Today. Deadly Terror Attack Claims Teenager’s Life, Wounds Father and Brother, Gaza Palestinians Resume Mortar-Fire into Israel – TV7 Israel News. Watch This Brave Man RIP Ilhan Omar’s Lies to SHREDS. Rashida Tlaib Sued For ASSAULT! F.W. Victory vs. Google! BUNDY! Laura Loomer Wins Appeal, Will Face Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple In DC Circuit Court Of Appeals Over Censorship. Lebanese Researcher Rafik Nasrallah: Arabs Should Stop Procreating So That We Become Extinct. The Watchman Episode 138: Where is the True Location of Mount Sinai? EXODUS REVEALED! Hard Evidence in Red Sea of Israel’s Escape From Egypt. THE KIPPA: Uncovering the Meaning of Jewish Headgear – with Rabbi Michael Skobac

Hashem - God, Shul - Synagogue, Mashiach - Messiah Laura Loomer Wins Appeal, Will Face Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple In DC Circuit Court Of Appeals Over Censorship:  The District Court for the District of Columbia had dismissed Loomer’s lawsuit, but on appeal Loomer and the nonprofit... Continue Reading →

Videos: Laura Loomer Exposes Jew Hatred In America And Israel. Ben Shapiro reacts to controversial image shared by Reps. Omar, Tlaib. Glazov: Tlaib’s Guest Praised Murderer of 4-Year-Old Einat. Netanyahu Demolishes Ilhan Omar After She Accuses Israel of ‘Muslim Ban’. Ilhan Omar says dumb stuff about Israel. Omar, Tlaib rail against ‘occupation,’ compare Israel to apartheid-era South Africa. Ilhan Omar’s Bizarre Response to Palestinian Crackdown on LGBT Group!!! MUST WATCH! Ben Shapiro RIPS INTO Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. The South African who slammed the world for calling Israel an apartheid state. New HBO Series Depicts Jewish “Settlers” as Neo-Nazis. Abbas: ‘martyrs’ are ‘the most sacred thing we have’. Israel’s Source of Power is “Faith” in God, Netanyahu Proclaims – TV7 Israel News Netanyahu Demolishes Ilhan Omar After She Accuses Israel of ‘Muslim Ban’: An attempt to insult Israel backfired spectacularly for Rep. Ilhan Omar, and the humiliating response to her was open for all to see. Omar and fellow lawmaker Rashida Tlaib planned to visit the country, but it was clear from the beginning... Continue Reading →

Videos `OBAMA LAWYER GOING TO PRISON: Prosecutors say Greg Craig concealed Facts from investigators. CNN Analyst: WHITE REPUBLICAN MEN Are ‘GREATEST TERRORIST THREAT’ in US … NOT!!! BUSTED: A Democrat Media Manufactured Recession. They’re Doing It Again. Will Big Tech Bring Government Censorship? Maxine Waters FAILS Lie Detector Test on Firing James Comey Question. Mark Sanford: You are THE PROBLEM, not the solution – GO AWAY! President Trump signs EO FORGIVING student loan debt for Wounded Warriors – Media Crickets. TRUMP LEADS ALL DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES IN 2020 POLL!!! Trump REACTS To Hundreds of Supporters Locked Out Of New Hampshire Rally. President Trump URGENT Speech at the American Veterans 75th National Convention

Videos: Society Is Witnessing Yet Another Scapegoat Ritual. Now They Want You to Accept Literal Vampirism Too. Something is Changing in America! Nobody is Paying Attention to This! (2019-2020). Mad as Hell. You Agreed to the Terms. Walmart CEO: It’s Time to Debate Banning “Assault” Weapons. Twitter Caught On Video Censoring President Trump. Has Foreign Meddling in 2020 Begun? Pamela Geller event in NYC targeted by CAIR, Eventbrite cancels ticket sales – David Menzies. This Smart Man Gets CONFRONTED by Muslim student, watch how he responds. Democrats Are Inciting Violence Against Republicans. New Border Wall Goes Up TALL AND STRONG In Tecate, California! President Trump: The Best of the Best  

Videos: Justin Trudeau FOUND GUILTY!!! Lorne Gunter: If Trudeau had any shame, he would resign, CONVICTED: Trudeau’s stonewalled ethics investigation says Justin broke law (again!) – Ezra Levant. Justin Trudeau blocked access to key information on SNC-Lavalin affair. Justin Trudeau ignored in Montreal, Quebec, shows Canadians who he really is, sounding like a “Dictator”. Justin Trudeau’s Media “Pay Off” seems to be working. Proof Of Interference With Conservative Social Media. It’s time to get tough on China, Justin. A 2015 Justin Trudeau Absolute GEM! Trudeau broke the law. Where’s the punishment? Liberal & Conservative Parties Share Common Ownership. The Canadian Nationalist Party -The Most censored Party! The Canadian Nationalist Party:  The Most censored Party! Important question for you: has an agent at a border or airport in Canada ever asked to look through your phone or laptop? Or has this happened to someone you know?... Continue Reading →

Videos: Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Have Completely Collapsed!!! CHRIS CUOMO Melts Down as CNN’s Ratings COLLAPSE!!! CNN’s Credibility Sleeps With The Fishes – The Michael Knowles Show. 😂 Call Me Fredo. Now DON LEMON is SUED for ASSAULT as CNN’s Ratings TANK!!! Lawrence O’donnell’s most embarrassing video ever. Peter Fonda – 1940 – 2019. Dan Bongino SIZZLES Bernie Sanders on LIVE TV – BRUTAL. Super Bowl champ ROCKS slavery reparations hearing: “I don’t want them”. Los Angeles is a Sh*thole. Three Mile Island. Liberals Admit: Democrats Are Jumping Off a Cliff!!!

Shabbat Shalom dear friends around the world :-) Videos: THE STAR OF DAVID: Origins of an Ancient Symbol – Rabbi Michael Skobac Of course whenever you search for anything to do with the Jewish faith,  the anti-Jewish Google, YouTube, Fakebook, Twitter and alike will introduce to you all FAKE information. No news here, this has been going on for centuries. The vicious and diabolical Illuminati who governs the world have taken info from the Torah... Continue Reading →

Videos: EPSTEIN FAKED DEATH!! WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM ACTIVATED! JEFFREY EPSTEIN’S PRISON WARDEN PART OF THE DEEP STATE-WORKED AT DOJ FOR ERIC HOLDER!!! Attorney General Bill Barr WARNS Epstein’s Co-Conspirators NOT TO REST EASY. Body Language: Jeffrey Epstein Mathew Whitaker. Epstein’s Death Raises Questions About Media. Epstein’s Death Will Test our System – The Andrew Klavan Show

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