Videos: #TrudeauMustGo . Justin Trudeau “Panders” to the EU and makes a fool of Himself. The Trudeau government is misleading Canadians. Andrew Scheer copycats Justin Trudeau’s anti-Trump remarks for mainstream approval – Ezra Levant. LAWTON: Bureaucrats tracking and monitoring anti-Trudeau tweets. Trudeau On The Road. Dress Code Signaling – Menswear. Conservatives want to earn Saudi Arabia’s “trust”. It’s never Justin Trudeau’s fault. No matter what. Trudeau says no to wedge politics. Really? Immigration minister says conservatives “dance with white supremacists”. Trudeau admits he is all Talk and no Action!! Justin is Really Good at Spending YOUR money. There’s still a crisis at our border. Trudeau legally protected from (most) criticism with new federal debate laws. Justin Trudeau becomes first Canadian PM to visit a gay bar. David Menzies: Shoplifting is allowed at LCBO, but journalism isn’t – Ezra Levant

#ObamaTrudeau never referred to Anyone else as “His Holiness”!!?1

Paying off the fake medias our tax payer dollars, creates laws against fair debates… This is Socialism!!!

Of course Global News Fake stream media did what they’re paid to do.

15 Likes and 183 Dislikes  Toronto Sun Fake stream media

Vote For The Canadians Nationalist Party:


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