Shabbat Shalom dear friends around the world :-) Videos: THE STAR OF DAVID: Origins of an Ancient Symbol – Rabbi Michael Skobac


Of course whenever you search for anything to do with the Jewish faith,  the anti-Jewish Google, YouTube, Fakebook, Twitter and alike will introduce to you all FAKE information. No news here, this has been going on for centuries. The vicious and diabolical Illuminati who governs the world have taken info from the Torah and created their own Satanist cult. Many sadly today will associate their symbols with the Jews. Their Satanist hexagram has Nothing to do with our Magen David. Gematria is Hebrew numerical value for Only Jewish letters which again they have taken and turned this world into evil numerology and symbols everywhere due to their paranoia and superstition. They are the remnants of the ancient Egyptians.

The ancient Egyptians were immoral as can be; Fowl language was practiced religiously, elicit sex was their religion, worshiping idols and animals was their foundation, witchcraft was their daily activity and their image was everything to them. The pharaohs at the time did Not want the world to know they had turned the Children of Israel into slaves as their image meant more to them than enslaving and torturing a nation. And by the way, this is how how the Egyptians turn us into slaves; First they taxed us then taxed us some more and more until there was nothing left to tax then came the “Since you owe us so much You need to work for free to make up for it” thing to do. How’s Venezuela doing today? Do you see our countries possibly going in that direction?

Look at the governments, medias, Hollywood, UN, EU… today; Everything is done by way of deception. It is Obvious today that they are attempting to destroy this planet and all of us in it. By destroying it and recreating it believing they are gods the way the Egyptians did until God showed His Power. History will repeat itself. Every CIA planned event was and is a false flag in the name of turning this world into a communist socialist order. If they haven’t created 911 how else could they have implemented massive surveillance and recordings of absolutely everything we do? If not for the CIA Planned “Mass school shootings” how else could they have banned guns and advocate to remove all guns from the population? Again they don’t want to look bad before the world so their logic is –it’s best to create false events and blame the next CIA MK Ultra victim than to be exposed for the diabolical cowards they are.

The 10th plague consisted of the death of all first born sons which Pharaoh himself decreed. The reason most of them died was because they didn’t believe in marriage and so most women had many children from different fathers thus making them All first born children. The survivors had nothing left and so they followed the Jews by saying we want to go with your God but of course that wasn’t genuine. They were known as the Erev Rav, the ones who created the golden calf and manipulated the Jews with witchcraft showing the tomb of Moses stating that he was dead and not coming back, today known as the left. The Exodus story in detail is astonishing by Yoseph Deutsch. Understanding The Almighty, His miracles and knowing who is the left today. Once again the Jews do NOT control the world. If we did believe me it would be a much better world.

Transport yourself back in time and relive the Pesach miracle. This dramatic, vivid narrative tells the story of the slavery in Egypt, and the wondrous Exodus we experienced, in a captivating, novel-like style, based on Talmudic and Midrashic sources. Here we witness the harsh decrees, the miracles of the Ten Plagues, the thunderous splitting of the sea, and the entire Passover saga. Extensively researched and annotated.

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