Videos: Justin Trudeau FOUND GUILTY!!! Lorne Gunter: If Trudeau had any shame, he would resign, CONVICTED: Trudeau’s stonewalled ethics investigation says Justin broke law (again!) – Ezra Levant. Justin Trudeau blocked access to key information on SNC-Lavalin affair. Justin Trudeau ignored in Montreal, Quebec, shows Canadians who he really is, sounding like a “Dictator”. Justin Trudeau’s Media “Pay Off” seems to be working. Proof Of Interference With Conservative Social Media. It’s time to get tough on China, Justin. A 2015 Justin Trudeau Absolute GEM! Trudeau broke the law. Where’s the punishment? Liberal & Conservative Parties Share Common Ownership. The Canadian Nationalist Party -The Most censored Party!

The Canadian Nationalist Party:  The Most censored Party!

Important question for you: has an agent at a border or airport in Canada ever asked to look through your phone or laptop? Or has this happened to someone you know?

Digital device searches at borders and airports is a hot topic in Canada right now. Our out-of-date regulations are allowing border guards to search thousands of phones and laptops without warrants or even any cause for suspicion.Now, a major court case is being launched by Nick Wright, a lawyer who made headlines earlier this year when his phone and laptop, which contained privileged client information, were seized at Toronto Pearson airport after he refused to provide the passwords.2 This case has the power to finally force the government to draw a distinction between digital devices and other kinds of goods. To make this lawsuit even stronger, we’re reaching out to the OpenMedia community to find other people who may have experienced searches of their devices at Canadian borders and airports. If you’ve had your phone, laptop or other digital device searched or seized, or had agents demand passwords at a Canadian border or airport, and if you’re potentially interested in being part of a legal challenge, please hit reply to this email or send me a message directly at with a bit of information about your story.

Or, if you know anyone personally who has had their devices searched or seized in Canada, will you forward this email to them and ask them to get in touch with us? This is our best chance to finally secure changes to our laws, and give appropriate protection to the vast amounts of highly personal information on modern-day digital devices.

Thank you for all you do with us, Victoria at OpenMedia

P.S. Our campaign to restore privacy at the border, like all our campaigns, is funded by grassroots donations. We can’t do it without you – please make a donation to help us win the fight.



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