Videos: Rampant Racism EXPOSED at The New York Times!!! NY Times Correspondent Says Most Deranged Statement On TV! MELTDOWN: CNN & MSNBC Go Completely Insane. Mark Levin excoriates Humpty Dumpty, Brian Stelter. NBC News Claims Heterosexuality OPPRESSES Women!!! YouTube’s BANNING of James Allsup, Iconoclast, Sellner Will Only INCREASE Populism!!! The Youtube algorithm is anti-Israel. TRIGGER WARNING: Ted Cruz goes scorched earth on anti-free speech culture. DEM DISARRAY: Tlaib Calls For BOYCOTT of Bill Maher Show!!! GILLETTE: THE BEST A COMPANY CAN GET-AT LOSING 8 BILLION DOLLARS. Gallup Poll: There are FEWER Democrats Today than in 2016!!! Piers Morgan Gets Red Pilled: ‘Liberals Have Become Unbearable’!!!

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