Videos: CULTS & Stolen Minds – written by Rabbi Michael Skobac & Narrated by Daniel Ventresca (mind control). The CONSPIRACY to SILENCE the MASSES. Google “Machine Learning Fairness” Whistleblower Goes Public, says: “burden lifted off of my soul”. Michael Knowles: Politics is the religion of the left wing – Ezra Levant. Ellen DeGeneres, The CIA, Shills & Why You Protect Your Sexuality. Destroy Whites That Support Trump. RCD DESTROYS AOC: No one comes here to find socialism, they come here to escape it. Expert Destroys Climate Change Hoax in 3 Minutes  

VIDEOS: PANIC IN TIME SQUARE…DON’T FEAR… Good Guy With Gun Stops Potential Gunman At Wal-Mart Springfield MO. Trump Supporters Clean 12 Tons of Trash From Baltimore. Massachusetts – Corruption Exposed – Mayor Exposed, Keep Going. Ocasio-Cortez’s Chief of Staff Under Investigation for Campaign Finance Fraud!!! Historian Who Predicted Last 9 Elections Says Trump Will WIN in 2020!!! Trump’s NEW Tax Plan Will DEVASTATE Every Illegal Family – The PARTY IS OVER! Tucker Carlson is RIGHT: The Media is LYING About White Supremacy!!! Dayton Shooter Connor Betts May Be ANTIFA’s First Mass Killer!!! Speaking Truth to Tyrants

Videos: This Will Not Make You a Superhero (or a god). 7 iPhone Settings You Need To Turn Off Now. FBI Proposes Consequences for Independent Thinkers. Connections. FBI TERROR PLOTS!!! WILL WE HAVE A “COINCIDENCE”. Gun Control Equals Government Control. FORGET BANNING GUNS WHY DON’T WE BAN ANTIFA INSTEAD? CONFIRMED: BETTS WAS A MEMBER. Sebastian Gorka Back Tracks On How Democrats Fueled Violence Prior To Mass Shootings. False Flag Alert!!! Leftists attempting to incite civil war. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: President Trump URGENT Address to the Nation from the White House

Videos: Prime Minister BORIS JOHNSON is a VICTORY for BRITISH POPULISM!!! Nigel Farage Interviews Stanley Johnson, Father Of Boris Johnson. BORIS JOHNSON ENGLAND PRIME MINISTER bible code Glazerson. Salvini Victory: Migrant Ship Gives Up on Landing in Italy, Heads to Malta!!! Turkey THREATENS Europe with Flood of Migrants: ‘No European Gov’t Would Survive’!!!

Videos: The Right’s Answer to AOC, Omar & Tlaib is Running for Congress. EXPOSED: Political Censorship in Big Tech #ProjectVeritas . Hansen: Killing Free Speech. #CancelNewYorkTimes: LEFTISTS Are DESTROYING Themselves!!! Deep State’s Washington Post &Nyt Got Paid To Publish Putin’s & Chinese Propaganda. MSM #RussiaGate HOAX ENDS in DEAFENING SILENCE. FBI Sex Scandal With CNN Anchors?? DO NOT Use FaceApp (here’s why…) 9 MORE #PEDOPHILES #ARRESTED! Three Issues the Swamp Wants Us to Forget. The Supreme Court Has Spoken. Tucker: Left is doing all it can to divide Americans. How Racism Unintentionally Created a World SUPERPOWER. SOYCIALISTS OF AMERICA. The Democrats are PANICKED About 2020!!!

Laura Loomer, the most banned woman on the internet for her conservative views, is now running for Congress in a Florida District. Big Tech has censored Loomer on the internet by banning her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms, but they have failed to silence her. Now she is running for Congress. While AOC,... Continue Reading →

Videos `Hamas is Iran’s “First Line of Defense”. IDF holds international naval exercise in northern Israel, Russia: U.S. “looking for a Pretext” to Confront Iran, Israel Prepares for War with Gaza, IDF Chief Says – TV7 Israel News. Why This Iranian General May Be the Most Dangerous Man in the Middle East. Egyptian Philosopher Mourad Wahba: Our Children Grow Up Fearing Wisdom Because We Shame Them. The Watchman Episode 136: How the Israel Defense Forces are Protecting the Red Sea. What Is The Holocaust? The Treblinka Uprising. Christchurch mosque victims gifted more than $1.1 mln by Jewish communities. Plant@71: An Unbelievable Tale from Nacham. 10 Amazing Facts About The Dead Sea

Videos: #TrudeauMustGo . Justin Trudeau “Panders” to the EU and makes a fool of Himself. The Trudeau government is misleading Canadians. Andrew Scheer copycats Justin Trudeau’s anti-Trump remarks for mainstream approval – Ezra Levant. LAWTON: Bureaucrats tracking and monitoring anti-Trudeau tweets. Trudeau On The Road. Dress Code Signaling – Menswear. Conservatives want to earn Saudi Arabia’s “trust”. It’s never Justin Trudeau’s fault. No matter what. Trudeau says no to wedge politics. Really? Immigration minister says conservatives “dance with white supremacists”. Trudeau admits he is all Talk and no Action!! Justin is Really Good at Spending YOUR money. There’s still a crisis at our border. Trudeau legally protected from (most) criticism with new federal debate laws. Justin Trudeau becomes first Canadian PM to visit a gay bar. David Menzies: Shoplifting is allowed at LCBO, but journalism isn’t – Ezra Levant #ObamaTrudeau never referred to Anyone else as "His Holiness"!!?1 Paying off the fake medias our tax payer dollars, creates laws against fair debates... This is Socialism!!! Of course Global News Fake stream media did what they're paid to... Continue Reading →

Ancient Egypt in Sin City: Grasshopper Swarm on Las Vegas Pyramid so Large it’s Showing Up on Radar. Israel’s Foreign Minister to Announce Plan for all World Embassies to Move to Jerusalem. Muslim Brotherhood: President Al Sisi Destroying Egypt as Described in Book of Isaiah. Holocaust Survivor Kills 30-Year-Old Arab Prowler, Injures Another

"Of these you may eat the following: locusts of every variety; all varieties of bald locust; crickets of every variety; and all varieties of grasshopper.” Leviticus 11:22 (The Israel Bible™) Why Las Vegas? Etymologists believe the unusually large swarms were the result of a, particularly wet winter. Nevada received nearly ten inches of rain between... Continue Reading →

Videos: Where Does It End? New ‘Monarch’ Brain Device Approved for ADHD. Stranger Danger: Facebook Messenger Kids Security Hole Exposes Your Child. UPDATE: JULY 2019 #PEDOPHILE #ARRESTS . Historic Slap on the Wrist: Facebook Pays $5 Billion, Yet Zuckerberg Stays on Throne. Are We Still Lost in the Cave? Do We Have “Cognitive Liberty”? Conference Probes “Human Rights of the Mind”. Capital One: Massive Data Breach. PROOF Something Big About To Go Down? AREA 51 About To Get FORCED Open? Laura Loomer Speaks at “Demand Free Speech” Rally in Washington, D.C. Google Insider, Greg Coppola, Talks Political Bias at Google On Tucker Carlson. Brigitte Gabriel in Orange County, CA (Full Speech)

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