Shabbat Shalom And Shanah Tova/ Happy New Year dear friends around the world :-) What is Rosh Hashanah?

What is Rosh Hashanah? A handy checklist of everything you need to know for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  Read More: The Meaning of Rosh Hashanah: An In-Depth Analysis: Before discussing the specific aspects of any particular holiday, it is important to understand the uniquely Jewish perspective of time as well as holidays... Continue Reading →

Rabbi who Predicted Trump Presidency Has Shocking New Prediction for Israel’s Next Government, Messiah. Top 10 Signs of Redemption This Year. Over 700 Christians From 73 Nations Will Blow Shofar This Rosh Hashana. Brazilian President Anointed in ‘Temple of Solomon’ as Ruler of Brazil. TeShuva Video: The Only Way to Complete Teshuva before MaShiach

“For the earth shall be filled With awe for the glory of Hashem As water covers the sea.” Habakkuk 2:14 (The Israel Bible™)In an informal interview in his Jerusalem home, Jewish scholar and international speaker Rabbi Mendel Kessin, who believes that the world is teetering on the edge of redemption, explained what has to happen... Continue Reading →

Videos: Why President Trump WANTS This Impeachment Fight!!! Trump Ukraine Scandal Will SINK Biden’s Campaign and DESTROY the Democratic Party!!! The Biden, Kerry, Bulger Connection to Ukraine and China. Democrats attempted to collude with Ukraine in 2016. TRUMP TRANSCRIPT Reveals Why He Will CRUSH the Democrats!!! Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan get up and RIP Nancy Pelosi to SHREDS. New Impeachment-Push is a Distraction. Hillary ONCE AGAIN Accuses Trump of NONSENSE… Hillary CAUGHT Giving 2020 Dems Advice On How NOT TO LOSE

Videos: WOW!!! President Donald Trump URGENT Speech to the United Nations General Assembly. Rouhani’s trip to UN is PROOF IRAN is AFRAID of PRESIDENT TRUMP. The ‘Howdy Modi’ Rally and the AWAKENING of a New Post-Globalist World!!! PM Modi welcomes US President Donald Trump at Howdy Modi event in Houston. LISTEN TO ME! President Trump BLASTS the Liberal Media at Press Conference. President Trump reshaping 9th Circuit Court with new nominees. Impeachment Is Already DESTROYING The Democrats!!!

Videos `Midsommar: Initiation into the Ancient Religion of the Future. MASSIVE PEDOPHILE RING BUSTED – TORONTO CANADA. 2 6 Year Old Children Arrested at School – Officer Fired. A Gun Free Zone is a DEATH ZONE – Documentary. Why “Islam IS RIGHT About Women” is Causing “Confusion & Anger”. No To Climate Change Fear Porn – Started In The 80’s or Before. LIFE WITHOUT SMARTPHONES. HOW IT WAS  

Videos: New Kavanaugh Accuser turns out to be Clinton’s Defense Attorney. Democrat Megadonor Ed Buck ARRESTED After Victim Escapes his Apartment. Revealed: Obama’s Betrayal of SEAL Team Six. Democrat Civil War! Bill Maher Condemns Far Left as ‘CANCER’ !!! DEMOCRATS ARE FINISHED: All HELL Breaks Loose at House Judiciary Hearing. Liberal Media Wants To BURN This Video of Biden TOUTING His “Slave State”. Lewandowski Shows Trump’s BRILLIANT Strategy in Dealing with Democrat Clowns!!! Beto BLOWBACK! AZ Gun Store Offers Special On The Gun He HATES, Then Something GREAT Happens. GOP News Conference: Second Amendment Rights pt.4. Ultra-Liberal Colleges Are CLOSING Across the Country at an Unprecedented Rate!!!

Israel’s Elections Going According to Zachariah’s Prophecy Foreshadowing Messiah. Netanyahu Vows to Re-Conquer Jericho: the ‘Door to Greater Israel, 3rd Temple’. Netanyahu: Longest Levite Rule in Israel Since Hasmoneans. Anti-Gay Party Quits Election: Good News for Pro-Third Temple Party. Obama Trying to Sabotage Netanyahu’s Election Campaign with Fake SpyGate. Obama explains why he sold out Israel – Thank God he won’t be president again. Soros Agents in Israel Caught Breaking Law Busing Arab Voters to the Polls. Reports of Election Fraud in Arab Villages Amid Riots. Video: Israeli election results inconclusive – TV7 Israel News 18.09.19. Celebrating Democracy – Israel’s Election Process

The family of the House of David by themselves, and their womenfolk by themselves; the family of the House of Natan by themselves, and their womenfolk by themselves; Zechariah 12:12 (The Israel Bible™)  Mystics and end-of-day experts are predicting that elections on Tuesday will be a replay, resulting inconclusively with no coalition being formed. End-of-days... Continue Reading →

VIDEOS `LIVE: MASSIVE President Donald Trump Rally in Rio Rancho New Mexico. Trump derangement syndrome ‘is real’. Famous Author Goes On The View, INSTANTLY Deserves No Respect After Horrendous Trump Comments. DNC Paid and Trained People on How to Infiltrate Conservative Talk Radio Shows. The Democrat Debates Are Becoming a 2020 DISASTER!!! Lying Joe Biden & the “Kids in Cages” LIE, he parroted at #DemDebate – DEBUNKED. Knocking Out The Competition – #TFNOriginal . Real News Insights with Natalie Harp

Videos: What Happens When You Don’t Stay in the Prescribed Swim Lane. Pod People. 2017 Las Vegas Shooting Mystery – Automatic Gunfire Heard Long After Suspect Reported Dead. Senator Kennedy Has Epic RESPONSE To CEO’s Demanding Gun control. Walmart’s Ban Backfires. Evidence Shows Gun Buybacks Don’t Work – Larry Elder. Anti-ICE Protestors Gathering at Pro-ICE Rally. Tom Homan Makes Rashida Tlaib REGRET Opening Her Mouth And Speaking About ICE. Ex-NFL Player Edawn Coughman Charged with Staging Fake MAGA H*t* Crime. FBI RAIDS at Dairy Queen tied to Bigger Investigation New Court Documents Reveal. GRAND JURY INDICTS Democrat Police Union President. Sen Cruz on This Week: SLAMS Dems’ Far-Left Agenda, Highlights Republican Leadership Victories. Dems gone crazy!! MUST WATCH! Candace Owens Gets Up And Ŕïpš Ocasio-Cortez To ŚHŘĖĐŠ. Patriot Prayer speaks at the Constitution Dinner in Yakima. JOSH BERNSTEIN’S GREEN NEW DEAL: SEND LIBERALS TO GREENLAND

Videos: REPUBLICAN LAWMAKERS GO WILD: Trump Speech BRINGS DOWN the House at Retreat and Conference. GOP WINS In North Carolina Signal TRUMP VICTORY in 2020!!! Congressman Nadler: Trump a Threat to Democracy. U.S. Attorney Recommends Charges Against McCabe. Joe Walsh: 100% Dishonest Nut Job, with a Very BIG MOUTH. BOLTON FIRED-CRAFT HIRED=DEMS TANKING & NO MORE SUSPENSIONS? Big Win for Trump Administration. Mark’s Mailbox: A Mockery of Justice

Videos: Watch Councilman Razzoli DESTROY Ocasio Cortez’s Socialist Ideology. High School Trump Supporter Goes Through HELL – What Her Principal Says Will Make You FURIOUS. BUSTED: Lefty’s caught Parroting False “Report” on Increase in Violence & Trump Rallies #TFNOriginal . Google EXPOSED! Look How Many Swayed Votes went To The Dems in 2018 Midterm Elections! That Time the CIA called CNN, “Fake News”. D e g e n e r a c y. SteynPost #30: The Old World and the New Colonialism. Six MS-13 Gang Members Involved in Deadly Maryland Stabbing. 10 Years After ACORN Exposed #ProjectVeritas

Videos: Trudeau NIGHTMARE as Populism SURGES in Canada Ahead of Elections!!! The Rebel’s 2019 Federal Election Plan: We’re going to swarm the campaign trail! Ordinary people are never good enough for the enlightened elites – Ezra Levant. The Trudeau Years 2015 2019 Pt 3 Syrian Refugees. Justin Trudeau gets “Humiliated” by Left-Wing Comedian Hasan Minhaj. Here’s an issue politicians won’t talk about during the election. Liberals continue to spend your money to get re-elected. “Yikes!” Trudeau’s latest cash hand-outs to media shock his own bureaucrats – Sheila Gunn Reid. Justin Trudeau’s Comment consequences. Canadian Choices: Justin Trudeau and “The Leaders” The Canadian Nationalist Party:

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