Videos: The Truth About the Hong Kong Protests. Petrol bombs, water cannons and tear gas used in violent clashes in Hong Kong. HK police action demonstrates ‘state level terrorism’. Get Off the Plane: Your Social Credit Score Just Went Negative. Chinese Troops “Rotate” Into Hong Kong. Gilet Jaunes/ 42 – Man Dressed As Jesus Carries Cross In Yellow Vest March. Brazil’s Bolsonaro HUMILIATES Macron over Amazon Fires!!! Bolsonaro ‘doesn’t accept the global warming hoax’. Amazon fire ‘lies’ are ‘designed to feed climate alarmist movement’. ‘Green left propagandists extremists are hiding behind children’ – treat the public like fools’

The Jewish ideology is that Everything comes from God.

Why are there so many demonstrations and a major pushback from the world populations today? God Exposed the Ugly side of the left and their attempt to abolish our speech, break us down, steal our livelihood, destroy the family, open our borders and invite danger, shame us, incarcerate us for speaking the truth, tax us to death, kill us and our babies (Agenda21). It had to come to this for us to wake the hell up for us to repent, long and pray for our traditions, values, morals and truths we hold so dear but sadly took for granted. When our government sponsored Sosial(ist) medias, ALL corporations, Insurance companies etc started messing with our God given right to free speech That is when we woke up and realized the grave danger we are in And had No choice but to look up in heaven in Fury asking for truth and justice, the way the world was intended to be in the first place. Now that we have seen the worst of the worst and are sick about it, now we can Really appreciate our God given real human rights. Wherever you are met with such tyranny Fight Back for your Divine rights for without it you are dead!!


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