Videos: Salvini and Lega OUSTED from Italian Parliament as 5 Star Betrays Voters!!! Live From Rome: The End Of Salvini? ‘If I were Boris, I would prorogue the parliament too’. BREXIT!! BORIS JOHNSON PROROGUES GOVERNMENT, QUEEN AGREES! (I ALWAYS KNEW SHE HAD A SENSE OF HUMOR!). Macron Throws a Tantrum After Boris Says Britain Won’t Pay £39bn Brexit Bill. The EU Panic Over Boris Preparing No Deal Brexit. Merkel Punished in Elections as Nationalist AfD Surges to BEST Showing Ever!!! AfD Flügel, “there will be no second chance”. People need to be ‘moved on and out’ from Labor. This is what happened when ANTIFA TRIED EJECTING me from a protest. Bernie Sanders Gets Fooled By China Propaganda


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