Videos: Watch What President Trump Just Said to Walmart for Gun Ban. Trump Mulls Dystopian Social Credit Score System for U.S. WT# Is Going On at DHS? FBI On ALERT At the Border – Here’s what They’re Closely Monitoring. Senator Says Mark Zuckerberg SHOULD GO TO PRISON for Mishandling Consumer Data. What Would You Eat to Save the Earth? San Francisco SJWs Declare NRA ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’!!! ‘Arrogant’ Hollywood left ‘running conservatives out of town’. Jemele Hill Wants Segregated Colleges, But Proves World is Turning to the Right!!! NOT NASCAR!!! Auto Racing Giant starting to embrace left wing politics!!! You’ll PUKE Every Time You See a 7-Eleven After Watching this SICK Video. Boston Police TROLL Antifa Crowd – What They Did Will Make You PROUD. CNN and MSNBC Ratings COLLAPSE While Conservative News Outlets SURGE!!!

Conservative Actor Calls Out Will & Grace Actors For Their “Lunacy”

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