Videos: Names Of 44 Congressional Traitors Promising To Give America Away. United Nations Takes-Over Utah Taxpayer-Funded Venue. Even The Devil’s People Know The Principle Power Of Words. LEFT OVER WOMEN & the Gigolos that Love Them. ABC’s eye-watering salaries, climate change agenda are ‘your taxes at work’. Millennials – Politically Dazed and Confused. AIRHEAD CANADA: Airline bows to Trans-mafia REVOKES “Ladies & Gentlemen” from official greeting. “HATE SPEECH ISN’T FREE!” Trans activists protest feminist Meghan Murphy – David Menzies. Forcing kids to transition… 7 year old boy in Texas is forced to become a girl by his mother. Ex-transgender woman speaks out about gender reassignment surgery regret. L.A. Mayor Blames Fire on God 7 year old boy in Texas is forced to become a girl by his mother: Take a look at this 7 year old boy in Texas, James Younger. What is happening to him is pure child abuse! Read More See Video: Continue Reading →

Videos: Trump Preps Marines to Stop Presidential Coup? Military Documents Reveal Trumps Preparing For Something Bad To Happen In The US… Trump Stabbed In Back by Republicans! How We Can Save Presidency! More Calls for President Trump’s Arrest. Many GOP Senators Ready to Betray the President. Top Democrats FREAK OUT Over CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION of OBAMA Intelligence Community. Justice Department Launches CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION against DEEP STATE!!! DEMOCRATS Are Calling Hillary Clinton POLITICAL CANCER!!! Globalization: The Rise and Fall of an Idea that Swept the World & Infected the West… UN Has Moved Into USA – Salt Lake City Compound – WTH? Apocalypse 2020? If A Democrat Gets In Here’s What Will Happen… Bill de Blasio Deports New York Homeless Zombie Hordes Gifting Hundreds of Unknowing US Cities. “The Next 72 Hours Will Be Challenging”

Videos: US Forces Kill al-Baghdadi as Trump Destroys the Democrats!!! Trump URGENT Address to the Nation from the White House. WE WILL RELEASE SOME OF THE RAID FOOTAGE: Trump SHOCKING Press Conference. Mass Media Meltdown Over Trump Victory. Trump Wins AGAIN! – The World’s Most Wanted Man is Dead! Democrats PANIC Over Trump’s RECORD BREAKING Fundraising!!! Young Spoiled Suburban Misfits will be very angry in 2020. Video Footage Shows Democrats Called Clinton Impeachment a ‘Lynching’ – Larry Elder Show. Trump EXPLOSIVE Speech at Chief of Police Conference Chicago. Top State Democrat ARRESTED as Trump Attorney ROUNDS UP Corrupt Politicians in Chicago. FINALLY! Joe Biden DENIED Communion over his RADICAL Pro-Abortion Stance!!! Gov. Ron Desantis, Draining The Swamp in Florida. Ted Cruz Give STRONG DEFENSE of American lives during Sanctuary City hearing

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Videos: Then They Came For Your Mind: The Untold Story of Psychosurgery. If They Were Saying This in 1971… THE END OF OUR HUMANITY (2019-2020). Pro-Abortion Mob Gets Extreme — Spitting, Yelling & Pushing. Irish Fight Abortion in Face of Opposition. Conservative Hungary Fines Coca-Cola for Ads Featuring Same Sex Couples!!! NO ONE COULD HAVE BEEN READY FOR THIS HORROR! Dave Hodges Exposes Politics Most Depraved Secret! COLORADO CATHOLIC CHURCH CHILD RAPE EPIDEMIC EXPOSED! OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: Hard Evidence Proving Wildfires Started by Arsonists. Greta Thunberg is Now Protesting FACEBOOK!!! Body Language: Facebook CEO On Free Speech. This Happened In Saudi Arabia And You Won’t Believe What Happens Next…

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Videos: IDF reportedly prepares for possible Iranian attack, Turkey-Russia to collaborate in Syria, U.S. force to remain in Syria near Jordan and Israel, Turkey warns Russia of its resolve in Syria, Ceasefire in Syria – TV7 Israel News. 200 Years Ago, War Between Turkey and Russia Prophesied as Sign of Redemption. Iran banned from world judo for boycott on fighting Israelis

ALL democratic governments around the world are uncertain and Cannot form a coherent coalition. This is not a coincidence this is the end of All governments as we speak. It would Have to be in order for a New Holy administration to take place, The Messiah. 200 Years Ago, War... Continue Reading →

Videos: No Impeachment = No Paycheck. GOP Storms Closed-Door Hearing to Protest Impeachment. Gohmert, Carter rip the Dems, ‘we don’t like hearsay testimonies’. Republicans Have FINALLY HAD ENOUGH of the Dems’ IMPEACHMENT CIRCUS!!! Barr & Durham Uncover New Evidence in Rome. TOP DEM’S PETRIFIED AS FORMER NAVY SEAL DRUMPS UP AG BARR, JOHN DURHAMS INVESTIGATION. Corrupt Democrat Faces ‘Unprecedented’ REMOVAL, De Blasio DEVASTATED. Democrat Official FREAKS OUT After Being FOUND GUILTY. Ingraham: Trump wins another Democratic debate. Kamala Harris CAUGHT In Lie She LITERALLY CANNOT Recover From on LIVE TV! Pocahontas Makes Her Position On Israel CRYSTAL CLEAR. Ratings for CBS Evening News are IMPLODING!!! James O’Keefe @ #ProjectVeritas CONFRONTS Jake Tapper over #MeTooCNN video. America Is Becoming Britain – The Michael Knowles Show

Videos: Foreign conflicts are now playing out in the streets of Europe. Merkel ADMITS Multiculturalism FAILED as Nationalist Right AfD SURGES!!! Merkel’s EU Nightmare… Throughout Germany!!! Conservative Nationalist Populism TRIUMPHS in Poland!!! Salvini Vows To Return To Power and Issues Warning To EU!!! EU NIGHTMARE: Nationalist Vlaams Belang Becomes Belgium’s BIGGEST Party!!! Nationalist Swedish Town BANS LGBT Rainbow Flag!!! New Conservative GREEK Government DEFENDS BORDERS and the CHURCH!!! British Muslims Demand Removal of BBC Documentary on Islamic Sex Trafficking in Iraq. Man arrested on suspicion of murder after 39 bodies found in container in UK. MPs Pass Johnson’s Brexit Treaty But Wreck Hope Of Oct 31st Exit. Catalonians War Of Independence Still Red Hot

Videos: Trudeau LOSES His Majority while Quebec Nationalism SURGES!!! Evil Clings On – Justin Trudeau Wins Minority Government, Short Of 170 Seat Majority. Quebec separatism was always fake, but Alberta’s #Wexit separatism isn’t, Lorne Gunter: Wexit would be quick unlike Quebec’s “never-ending visit to the dentist” – Ezra Levant. Justin Trudeau is a ‘culturally cringing chameleon’. Justin Trudeau’s minority government and election overview. Andrew Lawton asks Scheer about the results of the election. Will Andrew Scheer resign as CPC Leader? Warren Kinsella & Scheer’s bid to ‘Seek and Destroy’ Maxime Bernier. Canada May Not Recover. Barack Obama endorses Justin Trudeau. Election night LIVE! Ezra Levant & Rebel News team

Any enraged Canadian can see that these elections have been compromised and rigged! There is NO way that most pissed off Canadians would vote Liberal especially after all that has happened. I've been saying this for years now, Canada is a socialist country right behind Sweden and on its way to Venezuela. The Dirty corrupt... Continue Reading →

Videos: ‘No real thinking in academia anymore’. Greta Thunberg Rally DISRUPTED by Hundreds of PROTESTERS!!! Posh climate activists pick wrong working class train to block – Ezra Levant. A Worldwide REBELLION Against Environmental Activists is Beginning!!! Australians ‘are not silly’ and won’t buy into climate change ‘hysteria’. ‘Malicious’ email reveals the ABC ‘is totally out of control’. What is really happening in Sweden, Greta?

Videos: Jon Voight’s New Video Will Make Liberal’s Head Explode. Bicycle Licenses Are Coming. Powers out all over California millions in the dark this was the plan all along. President Trump Routs Communists Out of California. It’s Time to Speak Up. How the Deep State Chokes Out Dissenting Voices. Brigitte Gabriel Exposes the Wrap-Up Smear. Bidens Sued As Promised. CNN Just Got a Letter from the President. #ProjectVeritas Part 4: Alleged Sexual Misconduct by CNN Exec and Possible Cover-Up by Senior Management #MeTooCNN. President Trump’s Legal Team Vows to Sue CNN for their Blatant Bias. Past & Present: CNN’s Brooke Baldwin has a history of FALSELY FACT CHECKING Pres. Trump. CNN’s Colossal COLLAPSE!!! 7,200 Jobs CUT At CNN, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed in 2019!!! Dear Secret Service. Assange extradition hearing to go ahead in February. The Deception of Say Anything Democrats & Complicit Media Will Find Terminal Acknowledgement in 2020  

Videos: Hillary Makes Big Announcement on ‘The View’, The Crowd Reaction Says All You Need To Know. Hillary Campaigns For 2020. Here’s What Pelosi KNEW About Trump’s Ukraine Call Before The Transcript Was Released. This Has Gone On Long Enough! The President’s Letter to Pelosi and Schiff. Original Ukrainian whistleblower sits down with One America News. Treason! Democrat Mayor PLEADS GUILTY and RESIGNS for Defrauding Children’s Charity. Florida Democrats Entangled in NEW SEALED INDICTMENT, and Surprise Subpoena. FBI RAIDS City Club as Obama Ally & Top State Democrat Under Investigation

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Videos: Canada Elections 10/21/2019. The Hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau. Trudeau’s QC Immigration Hypocrisy. Trudeau Campaign Ad #9. Rebel reporter roughed up at Trudeau event AGAIN… “New low”: Rebel reporter PUSHED to ground – for asking Justin Trudeau a question – David Menzies. Montreal police harass Rebel reporters while Trudeau sneaks out back door – Keean Bexte. Trudeau’s new “fake news” *Election law* can land you 5 years in prison. Andrew Scheer caves to CBC, supports “reasonable” 350,000 annual immigrants – Ezra Levant. No questions allowed! Trudeau’s orders: No funds for Christian summer camps due to abortion beliefs – Sheila Gunn Reid. CBC Doxxes Trudeau Blackface Photo Leaker. We won! The Federal Court just ordered Trudeau to accredit Rebel News journalists! Highlights from Rebel News at the Canadian federal leaders’ debates – Keean Bexte. Stop de-platforming! We’re suing the NDP bullies. Maxime Bernier: Hate speech, immigration & will the PPC actually win seats? – Jessica Swietoniowski. Toronto Public Library’s stand for free speech. Canadians Deserve Better Than This Establishment Arrogance. UN Out Of Money? Justin Trudeau and Scheer Leave Out Part of the Story and More! WINNING! The UNITED NATIONS is Going BANKRUPT!!!

PPC: People's Party Of Canada. We've already seen the Liberal results, we've already seen the conservative censorship and no capacity to improve anything. The PPC compared the socialist democrats, Green Party and NDP clowns is Nationalism, Free speech, controlled immigration, preserving our culture, customs, traditions and freedom of religions Verses Socialism, censorship, higher taxes, higher... Continue Reading →

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