Videos: Canada Elections 10/21/2019. The Hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau. Trudeau’s QC Immigration Hypocrisy. Trudeau Campaign Ad #9. Rebel reporter roughed up at Trudeau event AGAIN… “New low”: Rebel reporter PUSHED to ground – for asking Justin Trudeau a question – David Menzies. Montreal police harass Rebel reporters while Trudeau sneaks out back door – Keean Bexte. Trudeau’s new “fake news” *Election law* can land you 5 years in prison. Andrew Scheer caves to CBC, supports “reasonable” 350,000 annual immigrants – Ezra Levant. No questions allowed! Trudeau’s orders: No funds for Christian summer camps due to abortion beliefs – Sheila Gunn Reid. CBC Doxxes Trudeau Blackface Photo Leaker. We won! The Federal Court just ordered Trudeau to accredit Rebel News journalists! Highlights from Rebel News at the Canadian federal leaders’ debates – Keean Bexte. Stop de-platforming! We’re suing the NDP bullies. Maxime Bernier: Hate speech, immigration & will the PPC actually win seats? – Jessica Swietoniowski. Toronto Public Library’s stand for free speech. Canadians Deserve Better Than This Establishment Arrogance. UN Out Of Money? Justin Trudeau and Scheer Leave Out Part of the Story and More! WINNING! The UNITED NATIONS is Going BANKRUPT!!!

PPC: People’s Party Of Canada. We’ve already seen the Liberal results, we’ve already seen the conservative censorship and no capacity to improve anything. The PPC compared the socialist democrats, Green Party and NDP clowns is Nationalism, Free speech, controlled immigration, preserving our culture, customs, traditions and freedom of religions Verses Socialism, censorship, higher taxes, higher immigration intake, and pretty much Venezuela. What do we have to lose at this point?! We already are under socialist rule Time to overturn that!


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