Videos: Trudeau LOSES His Majority while Quebec Nationalism SURGES!!! Evil Clings On – Justin Trudeau Wins Minority Government, Short Of 170 Seat Majority. Quebec separatism was always fake, but Alberta’s #Wexit separatism isn’t, Lorne Gunter: Wexit would be quick unlike Quebec’s “never-ending visit to the dentist” – Ezra Levant. Justin Trudeau is a ‘culturally cringing chameleon’. Justin Trudeau’s minority government and election overview. Andrew Lawton asks Scheer about the results of the election. Will Andrew Scheer resign as CPC Leader? Warren Kinsella & Scheer’s bid to ‘Seek and Destroy’ Maxime Bernier. Canada May Not Recover. Barack Obama endorses Justin Trudeau. Election night LIVE! Ezra Levant & Rebel News team

Any enraged Canadian can see that these elections have been compromised and rigged! There is NO way that most pissed off Canadians would vote Liberal especially after all that has happened. I’ve been saying this for years now, Canada is a socialist country right behind Sweden and on its way to Venezuela. The Dirty corrupt medias, radios, magazines, newspapers and Marxist colleges and universities have been bashing the PPC, calling them racists and white supremacists purposely Hiding this party from the people because they knew that this would be the end of their parties. Remember, Maxime Bernier stated in public that if elected he would turn the medias into independent entities with NO funding. They also brought in Another Maxime Bernier into the mix to confuse the people… How can The PPC get the lowest votes?? Mr. Trudeau, son of Fidel Castro has successfully implemented communism in this once great country. He said it himself a few years ago that there will be no more elections after him. So is the rigging making sense now anyone? And how is that The Bloc Quebecois has climbed up more than the PPC? Quebec is just One province. So you mean to tell me that the rest of the 9 provinces voted for the Bloc more so than the PPC? Right!!! Sadly and unfortunately Most people here in Montreal are clueless as to what is going on, they care more about their Netflix shows and Michael Kors handbags than the future of this country. Laziness and gossip is the capital of this sanctuary city. Being lazy and stupid gets you another 4 years of Corrupt Trudeau!! The biggest complainers, always complaining about the weather and politics but never strive to fight back or do something about it. Here is an example of the corruption taking place here. Most private taxi companies who’s drivers purchased permits worth $250.000 are now told that their permits are worth Zero dollars because now Uber dominates. And since the drivers do not protest, sign petitions or fight back it’s a go! Next up, your houses then your businesses just like communist socialist Nazi regimes have done. I speak to many people and Montrealers didn’t even notice that the biggest cross which once stood at the top of the mountain which would light up at night and no matter where in the city you were at you would be able to see it, has been taken down along with the cross within the parliament. It took 8 years of Obama for the Americans to be completely enraged enough to do something about it. Now it seems as though Maybe another 4 years of destroying and demoralizing this country, Maybe this will be enough to awaken the walking dead in this city anyway! Spiritually speaking, our leaders represent the deeds of the people; so if we have a corrupt scumbag in office that means we need to improve ourselves, be more spiritual, be better people, give more charity, stop being selfish and materialistic, stop gossiping, care and appreciate more about our country and our God given rights. What God has done though is applied deed for deed; meaning He diminished the Liberal party to a minority – the bully gets bullied now, competition keeps one honest where we get to see them turning on each other showing their true colors thus proving God’s point that Politics just DON’T work!!! When God provides us with Rich Natural resources and our governments purposely destroy them by giving it all away,  by shutting down our plants and destroying our livelihood then you are looking for Huge problems!!!

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