Videos: Names Of 44 Congressional Traitors Promising To Give America Away. United Nations Takes-Over Utah Taxpayer-Funded Venue. Even The Devil’s People Know The Principle Power Of Words. LEFT OVER WOMEN & the Gigolos that Love Them. ABC’s eye-watering salaries, climate change agenda are ‘your taxes at work’. Millennials – Politically Dazed and Confused. AIRHEAD CANADA: Airline bows to Trans-mafia REVOKES “Ladies & Gentlemen” from official greeting. “HATE SPEECH ISN’T FREE!” Trans activists protest feminist Meghan Murphy – David Menzies. Forcing kids to transition… 7 year old boy in Texas is forced to become a girl by his mother. Ex-transgender woman speaks out about gender reassignment surgery regret. L.A. Mayor Blames Fire on God

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