Videos: Gloves OFF! CNN’s Ana Navarro Makes CRITICAL Error When Attacking Diamond & Silk. CNN’S “Token Latina” lashing out in frustration over Trump’s rising black approval ratings. CNN: Literally, The Most Dishonest Network Ever! Debunking SOME LIES – Part 1. Fake News Media Exposed: Impeachment inquiry was an “Explosive,” “Bombshell”. CNN’s Marionettes Personifying Delusion & Desperation. NY Times Fashion ‘Expert’ Has SICK Comparison for Past and Present Women Candidates. BOOM! Reporter John Solomon Threatens Lawsuits Against Liberal Media Smear Merchants. The Real Reason Why Democrats Love Trump’s Whistleblower. This question has never been answered: Who authorized Obama to give Iran $400 Million? (Aug 2016)

Videos: President Trump SURPRISE Speech to US Troops in Afghanistan for Thanksgiving. 93rd Annual #MacysThanksgivingDayParade . 3 Reasons Trump’s ROCKY TWEET is Absolutely AWESOME!!! Thanksgiving In An Ungrateful Nation. Happy Thanksgiving 2019 – Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thanksgiving Playlist: Classical Music for Holiday Meals – Classical MPR Playlist

VIDEOS: WHO IS SHE? NEW TESTIMONY CLAIMS ILHAN OMAR RECRUITED BY QATAR TO RUN FOR CONGRESS & SPY FOR IRAN!!! Another Source Confirms: Omar-Tlaib are Qatari Agents. Game Over For Rashida Tlaib INVESTIGATION Underway Could Finally END Her! Ilhan Omar LIES About Antifa, Gets Ripped to Shreds. Omar UNMASKED! BUSTED At Antifa RIOTS Trying To Hide Their TREASON With With Masks. Ocasio Cortez Caught – Now She Faces Jail Time. Maxine Waters vs. Ben Carson (update) “The True Career Politician”. Kevin Mccarthy SLAMS Nancy Pelosi at Press Conference. Democrats Will LOSE the House in 2020!!! Another Source Confirms: Omar-Tlaib are Qatari Agents: “Wicked deeds are an abomination to kings, For the throne is established by righteousness.” Proverbs 16:12 (The Israel Bible™) Mohamad Tawhidi, an Australian  Shi’ite Muslim Iman of Iraqi origin and president of the Islamic Association of South Australia, posted a video in which he confirmed that Congressman... Continue Reading →

Videos: President Trump MASSIVE Rally Speech in Sunrise Florida. Our HILARIOUS PRESIDENT Strikes Again! 2019 Turkey Pardon Troll of Democrats. CONAN THE DOG: President Trump Welcomes him to the White House. Impeachment BACKFIRES on DEMS while Trump Becomes Even STRONGER!!! Nancy Pelosi’s Worst Nightmare. What the Media Isn’t Telling You About the Trump Impeachment Inquiry. GEORGE SOROS is Behind the ‘Whistleblower’ and FAILED Impeachment Hearings!!! Here’s What the Swamp Hopes Trump Never Discovers! Trump Supporters Need Deprogramming. Liberals Are Turning Their Backs On Democrats. DEMOCRAT NIGHTMARE! Black Support for Trump SURGES to 34 Percent!!! Here’s the Key to Conservative VICTORY in 2020!!!  

Videos: President Trump’s foreign policy: 100% 30+ years ago, spot on today – #Consistent (Sept 1987). Trump Stands His Ground – Fires Secretary of the Navy. President Trump signs LAW to Fully Protect Animals. TRUMP EMPOWERING WOMEN: President Trump Signs Women’s Suffrage Coin Act at the White House. Trump: 2020 Dem Abuses Trump in New Ad – There’s Just One Problem Though. Pentagon Paid Trump Spy $1 Million! ARREST HIM NOW! Vindman CONFESSES His Role In Coup Against President Trump. This is Nothing Compared to What’s Coming. William Barr Routs the Resistance

Videos: “Pachamama Slayer” Tells His Story in Exclusive Interview. With Approval from Vatican: Canaanite Idol ‘Moloch’ Put on Display in Rome. Iraqi Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako: Iraqi School Curricula Should Be Rewritten. Celine Dion DEMONIC gender-neutral clothing. Child Trafficking Is a Billion Dollar Business, MSM Knows Exactly Where Missing Kids Are. Mainstream Media CONSPIRED to HYPE Greta Thunberg!!! Colin Kaepernick proves this wasn’t ever really about playing football and Completely Embarrasses Himself. Bill Maher ADMITS the LEFT is LOSING!!! With Approval from Vatican: Canaanite Idol ‘Moloch’ Put on Display in Rome: Do not allow any of your offspring to be offered up to Molech, and do not profane the name of your God: I am Hashem. Leviticus 18:21 (The Israel Bible™). The pagan Canaanite idol who required child sacrifice was displayed at the entrance... Continue Reading →

Videos: I’m PISSED that Chick-fil-A Caved to the Cancel Culture Left!!! CHINA Accuses the CIA of DESTROYING ASIAN MASCULINITY. AOC Breaks Down in TEARS As She LIES Right Through Her Teeth – Literally. Dennis Prager on How Colleges Indoctrinate Students With Contempt for America, & No Safe Spaces Film. America’s Culture War and How Trump Exposed It-Star Parker. Will You Still Vote For Trump If He Gets Impeached? Conservatives are RISING UP and SUING the FAKE NEWS Mainstream Media!!! HISTORIC: TRUMP REMAKING THE COURTS FROM LIBERAL ACTIVISTS TO CONSERVATIVE POWERHOUSES. The Deep State Vs Donald Trump. Republicans Just Struck The F-ear Of God In Nancy Pelosi

154 Nations Reject Israel’s Biblical Connection to Temple Mount. Mother and Daughter of Dead Islamic Leader Vow to Continue to Kill Jews. In Light of Rocket Attacks: Israel Looking for Volunteer Search & Rescue Dog Handlers Worldwide. Charity Provides Board Games to Israeli Children in Bomb Shelters. Pope Meets With Muslim Leader, Rabbi Says “Esau Sending Ishmael to Complete the Holocaust”. India Accidentally Sets Precedent that can Lead to Construction of Third Temple. Thanks to Evangelicals: Israel to Develop 24 Biblical Sites in Judea-Samaria

“But I have installed My king on Tzion, My holy mountain!” (Psalm 2:6). The United Nations gave preliminary approval for a resolution that calls the Temple Mount by its Muslim name exclusively: Haram al-Sharif reports JPost. The resolution passed at the UN’s Fourth Committee in New York City in an overwhelming turn-out of 154-8. The... Continue Reading →

Videos: Virginia Dems. Planning Gun Confiscation – Law Abiding Citizens Will Become Felons. Santa Clarita California School Incident EXPOSED. PROJECT NIGHTINGALE EXPOSED: GOOGLE IS RUNNING SECRET PROGRAM THAT COLLECTS OUR MEDICAL RECORDS!!! 13 Simultaneous Disasters NOW Happening In The US! Officials Warn America Wont Be Able To Handle It! Pro-Life vs. Pro-Abortion Debate on Campus – Feminists Lose. Drag queen storytime BACKFIRES Boy in pink dress rather be spiderman. Alicia Keys and her son walk into a nail salon… The Zombies of San Francisco now roam unrestrained thanks to new progressive district attorney. Kimberley Strassel: “How Trump Haters Are Breaking America”. My Blood Is BOILING! 50 Years to Life

Videos: “Is Fake News a Myth?” – Sharyl Attkisson. The COLLAPSE of the Mainstream Media!!! Don Lemon Says He Can’t Hack It Anymore and May LEAVE CNN!!! CNN Attacks Kellyanne Conway… Cable News Shows repeating SAME EXACT TACTICS they used during 2016 election. Get It Before It’s BANNED! This is the Mark Dice Book They DO NOT Want You To Read. Today’s Journalistic Standards Are All About Concealing Corruption & Political Orchestration. #ProjectVeritas Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup . Andrew Breitbart at The Heritage Foundation. Ultra-Liberal STEPHEN COLBERT Sees His RATINGS TANK!!! Netflix series glorifies far-left violence, demonizes conservatives. MSM ARE MEMBERS OF THE CROOKED DEMOCRATS: Trump SLAMS the Liberal Media at Press Conference

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