Shabbat Shalom dear friends around the world :-) Videos: TeShuva Music (4) THE ONLY WAY TO DO COMPLETE TESHUVA before MaShiach. Weekly Torah Portion: Noach


Yirat Shamayim = Fear Of God/Heaven. Hakadosh Baruch Hu – Holiness Bless Be Hashem / God. Teshuva – Repentance. Bitachon – Real confidence. Olam Haba – World to come. Neshamot – Souls. Neshama – Soul. Emet – Truth. Mitzvot- Commandments / Deeds.

Weekly Torah Portion: Noach: A mere 400 years following the flood, man, who had previously ignored G-d at his own peril, now determined to take G-d head-on and expel Him from His world forever, enabling man to take the helm and do as he please. This was the goal of the generation of the dispersion, the people who, under the iron fist of Nimrod, built the tower of Babel, intending to topple G-d from His heaven. G-d, it transpires, had a plan of His own.

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