Videos: Impeachment is NOTHING to be ashamed about. Support for Nancy Pelosi IMPLODES as Trump’s Approval SURGES!!! Pelosi HUMILIATED as Legal Expert Says Dems FAILED to IMPEACH Trump!!! ‘Christianity Today’ Magazine Becomes a Pathetic MOUTHPIECE for Nancy Pelosi!!! “YOU HAVE NO PROOF” FEARLESS CONGRESS WOMAN GETS UP AND RIPS NANCY PELOSI TO SHREDS. Supreme Court Could Overrule Impeachment. “Journalist” Tries To Hide Washington Post Celebrating imPeachmas. The Impeachment Betrayal! Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Impeachment Is About “Subverting the Will of the American People”. MSNBC Host Whines About High Trump Support After #Impeachment. Cruz on Fox News SLAMS Dems’ Impeachment Sham & Obama Admins’ Legacy of DOJ & FBI Abusing Its Power. Radical Dem Elissa Slotkin Gets HAMMERED At Town Hall Over Her Support For Trump Impeachment. Will This Qualify Trump For A THIRD TERM? – Huckabee

Happy Chanukah Dear Friends Around The World :-) (First Night) -Videos included: Hannukah: How the Jewish people find light in darkness. PM Netanyahu & US Ambassador to Israel Friedman lit the first Chanukah candle at the Western Wall. Ari Goldwag – Chanukah: For The Light. The Story of Chanukah. The Story of Chanukah: Under Syrian Rule. More than 2000 years ago there was a time when the land of Israel was part of the Syrian-Greek Empire, dominated by Syrian rulers of the dynasty of the Seleucids. In order to relate the story that led up to Chanukah, we shall start with... Continue Reading →

Videos: Look At the Power On Trump’s Twitter Wall – Impeachment Exposes Democrat Evil & Insane Actions. Trump’s Full “Scorched-Earth” Letter to Nancy Pelosi “You Have Found NOTHING!” No Grounds for Impeachment—Larry Elder on Trump Derangement Syndrome… EXCLUSIVE: Ratcliffe Responds To Nadler’s False Statements. IMPEACHMENT CHAOS IN THE HALLS OF D.C. Body Language: James Comey FISA Abuse. Debunking Biden’s Claim of Civil Rights Movement Involvement. The Real Reason Why Michael Bloomberg’s Presidential Campaign Will Fail. Giuliani Rips into Yovanovitch the Traitor. Impeachment Email BACKFIRES on Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Court Hearing on Democrat IT Scandal. Facing an Absolute 2020 Nightmare, Democrats already begin searching for their excuses. Sen. Cruz on ABC This Week Vows Fair Trial in Senate. The New American Stasi. Hang on to Your Hats Democrats! Buckle-Up Sons and Daughters of Liberty! Impeach Trump rallies nationwide: everyone should go. Trump SURGES as Impeachment Support COLLAPSES!!! “Defection Underway” New Jersey Dem Jeff Van Drew Abandoning The Party & Joins The GOP

Videos `LIVE: President Trump MASSIVE Merry Christmas Rally in Battle Creek Michigan. Californians Give Schiff a Piece of Their Minds. Schiff booed off of stage. John Ratcliffe Drops BOMB During Hearing that Has Adam Schiff PANICKING. Michigan Voters Boo Elissa Slotkin After Backing Impeachment. ‘Quiet’ voters are becoming very loud around the world. George Soros ADMITS the Globalist World Order is COLLAPSING!!! POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE! Working Class Voters are LEAVING the LEFT in DROVES!!! Donald Trump Jr. Video: I’ve Seen the Bread Lines of Communism. Nationalist Populists are TAKING OVER Mainstream Conservative Parties!!! RECORD BREAKING NUMBERS FROM ICE YOU WON’T HEAR REPORTED ON CNN OR MSNBC. I AM NOT A GLOBALIST: Trump FIRES OFF on the Establishment at Regulatory Roundtable

Shabbat Shalom dear friends around the world :-) Videos: The Jews That Danced in Nazi Hell. A Small Miracle After the Holocaust. Piercing Testimony of Auschwitz Survivor. Documentation of Atrocities: The Jewish Photographer Henryk Ross. Witness the Rebirth

Videos: This Place Is Broken. WELCOME TO THE ALL NEW YOUTUBE!!! (protecting creators & viewers from hurt feelings since 2017). Why You Can’t Stop Clicking. James O’Keefe DESTROYS Big Tech’s Political Bias in Silicon Valley Debate. 7,800 Media Jobs SLASHED This Year!!! Re-education Camps for Parents. Virginia Sheriff Promises To ‘Deputize Thousands’ If Democrats Pass Gun Grab. Portland Forcing Mandatory Homeless “Places Of Rest” In Every New Local Businesses. South Park EXPOSES Trans Athletes. Greta Thunberg as Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ is the Epitome of FAKE NEWS!!! Socialism and the Scandinavian illusion- Dinesh D’Souza LIVE at Chapman University. The Enemy From Within. Strange Events are Happening Worldwide!

Videos: President Trump MASSIVE Rally in Hershey Pennsylvania. CROWD ERUPTS: Trump EXPLOSIVE Speech at Israeli American Council National Summit. President Donald J. Trump: The Chosen One. IMPEACHMENT BACKFIRE! Trump BEATING 2020 Dems in Key Swing States!!! COUP Storms Ahead! Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler Lead With HUGE Impeachment Announcement! ProTrump outburst from InfoWars’ Owen Shoyer, during Impeachment inquiry. NEW CONFIDENTIAL DEMOCRAT IMPEACHMENT STRATEGY MEMO REVEALS ALL!!! Trump 2020 Bans Bloomberg Reporters. Facebook CAUGHT “Interfering” in 2020 Election in Trump’s Own District! Her Campaign is at Risk! Yet another “Meet The Press” Meltdown Over Impeachment Narrative; Ted Cruz clowns Chuck Todd. Biden’s New Ad Is Total Malarkey. FISA Report Reveals Clinton Meddled in 2016 Election! Trump Slams FBI for “Attempted Overthrow” Notice how whenever the deep state screws up and we're onto them they go ahead with yet another shooting somewhere?!... The last time a shooting occurred too many people were investigating the Epstein hoax. Same signature as always same people perpetrating it... Continue Reading →

Videos `STUNNING: Ukraine Official Brags About Helping Hillary Clinton in 2016. Glenn Beck Presents: Ukraine, The Democrats’ Russia. The Nation Holds Its Breath. FBI Director Wray Allows Corrupt FBI Cover-Up. Schiff Is So Busted! “Sleepy Joe” Starts Ruckus at Shady Acres Bingo Night after Missing Nap. Joe Biden Calls Voter a Damn Liar. NuttyNancy Pelosi, officially goes BONKERS! – Kamala Harris Bites The Dust. President Obrador’s Letter to Nancy Pelosi. Nancy’s Fabricated Press Conference Pearl Clutching Exhibits Her Lack of Confidence with Impeachment. Body Language: Pelosi & Biden, When Politicians Attack. Why Can’t Trump Criticize Maxine Waters’ Intelligence? CNN Ratings Tank to 3-year low Impeachment Hysteria Destroying the Propaganda Network. Jerry Nadler Gets Owned: CNN Control Room Panics. Nunes on why he’s suing CNN  

Videos: President Trump Speech at National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. PHOTOS: White House Christmas Decorations Unveiled. The Party of Trump. “SuperStar” Matt Gaetz: Ripping things up at the Partisan Impeachment Inquiry. BOOM! Trump Approval SOARS to 52% as Dems Announce Impeachment!!! Schiff-Report Reads Like Ramblings of a Basement Blogger. WOW: ‘We will have Schiff, the Bidens and Pelosi Testify’. Kamala Harris QUITS as Joe Biden’s Campaign COLLAPSES!!! Dems Risk LOSING 50 SEATS Going Forward with Impeachment!!! LOL The Moronic Meltdown Over Every Trump Move. The mainstream media is ‘having a tantrum’ about Donald Trump. Trump Derangement Syndrome—NYC Lawyer Stephen Meister. WINNING! Rocky Trump Becomes a Hong Kong Populist Hero!!! O’Reilly’s Full Interview with President Trump. In Their Own Words: Creating An Official Record of the Trump Presidency—Doug Wead PHOTOS: White House Christmas Decorations Unveiled: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the White House. First lady Melania Trump received the official 2019 White House Christmas tree late last month after the Douglas Fir traveled from Pennsylvania. That tree is now serving as a centerpiece for Christmas decoration...See More Continue Reading →

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