Videos: President Trump Speech at National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. PHOTOS: White House Christmas Decorations Unveiled. The Party of Trump. “SuperStar” Matt Gaetz: Ripping things up at the Partisan Impeachment Inquiry. BOOM! Trump Approval SOARS to 52% as Dems Announce Impeachment!!! Schiff-Report Reads Like Ramblings of a Basement Blogger. WOW: ‘We will have Schiff, the Bidens and Pelosi Testify’. Kamala Harris QUITS as Joe Biden’s Campaign COLLAPSES!!! Dems Risk LOSING 50 SEATS Going Forward with Impeachment!!! LOL The Moronic Meltdown Over Every Trump Move. The mainstream media is ‘having a tantrum’ about Donald Trump. Trump Derangement Syndrome—NYC Lawyer Stephen Meister. WINNING! Rocky Trump Becomes a Hong Kong Populist Hero!!! O’Reilly’s Full Interview with President Trump. In Their Own Words: Creating An Official Record of the Trump Presidency—Doug Wead

PHOTOS: White House Christmas Decorations Unveiled: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the White House. First lady Melania Trump received the official 2019 White House Christmas tree late last month after the Douglas Fir traveled from Pennsylvania. That tree is now serving as a centerpiece for Christmas decoration…See More


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