Videos `STUNNING: Ukraine Official Brags About Helping Hillary Clinton in 2016. Glenn Beck Presents: Ukraine, The Democrats’ Russia. The Nation Holds Its Breath. FBI Director Wray Allows Corrupt FBI Cover-Up. Schiff Is So Busted! “Sleepy Joe” Starts Ruckus at Shady Acres Bingo Night after Missing Nap. Joe Biden Calls Voter a Damn Liar. NuttyNancy Pelosi, officially goes BONKERS! – Kamala Harris Bites The Dust. President Obrador’s Letter to Nancy Pelosi. Nancy’s Fabricated Press Conference Pearl Clutching Exhibits Her Lack of Confidence with Impeachment. Body Language: Pelosi & Biden, When Politicians Attack. Why Can’t Trump Criticize Maxine Waters’ Intelligence? CNN Ratings Tank to 3-year low Impeachment Hysteria Destroying the Propaganda Network. Jerry Nadler Gets Owned: CNN Control Room Panics. Nunes on why he’s suing CNN


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