Videos: President Trump MASSIVE Rally in Hershey Pennsylvania. CROWD ERUPTS: Trump EXPLOSIVE Speech at Israeli American Council National Summit. President Donald J. Trump: The Chosen One. IMPEACHMENT BACKFIRE! Trump BEATING 2020 Dems in Key Swing States!!! COUP Storms Ahead! Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler Lead With HUGE Impeachment Announcement! ProTrump outburst from InfoWars’ Owen Shoyer, during Impeachment inquiry. NEW CONFIDENTIAL DEMOCRAT IMPEACHMENT STRATEGY MEMO REVEALS ALL!!! Trump 2020 Bans Bloomberg Reporters. Facebook CAUGHT “Interfering” in 2020 Election in Trump’s Own District! Her Campaign is at Risk! Yet another “Meet The Press” Meltdown Over Impeachment Narrative; Ted Cruz clowns Chuck Todd. Biden’s New Ad Is Total Malarkey. FISA Report Reveals Clinton Meddled in 2016 Election! Trump Slams FBI for “Attempted Overthrow”

Notice how whenever the deep state screws up and we’re onto them they go ahead with yet another shooting somewhere?!… The last time a shooting occurred too many people were investigating the Epstein hoax. Same signature as always same people perpetrating it…

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