Videos `LIVE: President Trump MASSIVE Merry Christmas Rally in Battle Creek Michigan. Californians Give Schiff a Piece of Their Minds. Schiff booed off of stage. John Ratcliffe Drops BOMB During Hearing that Has Adam Schiff PANICKING. Michigan Voters Boo Elissa Slotkin After Backing Impeachment. ‘Quiet’ voters are becoming very loud around the world. George Soros ADMITS the Globalist World Order is COLLAPSING!!! POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE! Working Class Voters are LEAVING the LEFT in DROVES!!! Donald Trump Jr. Video: I’ve Seen the Bread Lines of Communism. Nationalist Populists are TAKING OVER Mainstream Conservative Parties!!! RECORD BREAKING NUMBERS FROM ICE YOU WON’T HEAR REPORTED ON CNN OR MSNBC. I AM NOT A GLOBALIST: Trump FIRES OFF on the Establishment at Regulatory Roundtable

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