Videos: Look At the Power On Trump’s Twitter Wall – Impeachment Exposes Democrat Evil & Insane Actions. Trump’s Full “Scorched-Earth” Letter to Nancy Pelosi “You Have Found NOTHING!” No Grounds for Impeachment—Larry Elder on Trump Derangement Syndrome… EXCLUSIVE: Ratcliffe Responds To Nadler’s False Statements. IMPEACHMENT CHAOS IN THE HALLS OF D.C. Body Language: James Comey FISA Abuse. Debunking Biden’s Claim of Civil Rights Movement Involvement. The Real Reason Why Michael Bloomberg’s Presidential Campaign Will Fail. Giuliani Rips into Yovanovitch the Traitor. Impeachment Email BACKFIRES on Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Court Hearing on Democrat IT Scandal. Facing an Absolute 2020 Nightmare, Democrats already begin searching for their excuses. Sen. Cruz on ABC This Week Vows Fair Trial in Senate. The New American Stasi. Hang on to Your Hats Democrats! Buckle-Up Sons and Daughters of Liberty! Impeach Trump rallies nationwide: everyone should go. Trump SURGES as Impeachment Support COLLAPSES!!! “Defection Underway” New Jersey Dem Jeff Van Drew Abandoning The Party & Joins The GOP

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