Videos: Impeachment is NOTHING to be ashamed about. Support for Nancy Pelosi IMPLODES as Trump’s Approval SURGES!!! Pelosi HUMILIATED as Legal Expert Says Dems FAILED to IMPEACH Trump!!! ‘Christianity Today’ Magazine Becomes a Pathetic MOUTHPIECE for Nancy Pelosi!!! “YOU HAVE NO PROOF” FEARLESS CONGRESS WOMAN GETS UP AND RIPS NANCY PELOSI TO SHREDS. Supreme Court Could Overrule Impeachment. “Journalist” Tries To Hide Washington Post Celebrating imPeachmas. The Impeachment Betrayal! Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Impeachment Is About “Subverting the Will of the American People”. MSNBC Host Whines About High Trump Support After #Impeachment. Cruz on Fox News SLAMS Dems’ Impeachment Sham & Obama Admins’ Legacy of DOJ & FBI Abusing Its Power. Radical Dem Elissa Slotkin Gets HAMMERED At Town Hall Over Her Support For Trump Impeachment. Will This Qualify Trump For A THIRD TERM? – Huckabee

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