Videos: The First Jewish President. Trump Rally Speech in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Stunning Data 42.8% of Attendees at Ohio Rally Identified as Democrat or Independent. National Championship Game Crowd Goes Wild Over Trumps Showing Up.. DEMOCRATS ARE A DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY: Trump address before Departure. Texas Refuses ALL REFUGEES as Trump Finishes 100 Miles of BORDER WALL!!! “Trump Was Right” Fed. Gov. Disaster Aid Found Untouched In Puerto Rican Warehouses. New Poll Shows Americans HATE Hollywood and the Mainstream Media!!! Progressive Policies Threaten A New Era Of Urban Chaos & Dysfunction. Cory Booker: You Can’t Always Get What You Want. San Francisco’s Purge Begins D.A. Chesa Boudin Fires Seven Prosecutors For…Prosecuting! Project Veritas 2019 Year In Review. FINALLY! Three Fed Agencies Investigating Ilhan Omar’s “Likely” Immigration-Related Violations. The Democrats are DESTROYING Themselves!!!

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