Videos: President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Wildwood, NJ 1-28-20. Trump Defense Lawyers Speak at Senate Impeachment Trial – Senate Impeachment. Pam Bondi Destroyed the Democrats Narrative on Joe & Hunter Biden. Trump Should Call Witnesses To Expose Anti-Trump Officials At The Highest Levels To America. YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO: President Trump Lawyer Says Democrats LIE All THE TIME. YOU MUST OBEY FEDERAL LAW: Trump SLAMS Mayors from Around the US at White House Speech. President Trump URGENT Speech with Netanyahu Prime minister of Israel – White House. ‘Miracle Worker’ Rabbi Predicts: Trump’s ‘Peace’ Deal Won’t Succeed Because Messiah Will Come First

‘Miracle Worker’ Rabbi Predicts: Trump’s ‘Peace’ Deal Won’t Succeed Because Messiah Will Come First: After that, I will pour out My spirit on all flesh; Your sons and daughters shall prophesy; Your old men shall dream dreams, And your young men shall see visions. Joel 3:1 (The Israel Bible™). While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discusses President Trump’s plan for the Middle East, political pundits weigh in on what the ‘Deal of the Century’ actually entails. Two Israeli mystics have spoken, both predicting that the political program endorsed by the most powerful country in the world will never be actualized. Read More:


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