Videos: President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Des Moines, IA 1-30-20. Impeachment is Killing Trump Derangement Syndrome!!! Trump’s Poll Numbers Remain Unshakable Despite Media & Going Through Impeachment. “Hey Media”Impeach This.! 100,000 Plus Seeking Tickets at New Jersey Rally. Trump’s GAME CHANGING New Friend Is About to Shake Things Up GLOBALY – Katie Hopkins. 1988 RNC Convention: Donald Trump, “I am a Republican”. Shameful Schumer Invited Lev Parnas to the Impeachment, Then Lev Got The Boot.! The Collapse Of Biden’s Campaign Into Chaos Showing Frustration In “Fence-Sitting” Conservatives. GOP AD: They think you’re a joke. Late Night Comics: Enemy of The People. Don Lemon’s Smug Apology Affirms The Elite Hate You, They Really Hate You. Lemon Chicken

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