Videos: Coronavirus Spread So Rapidly In China Because Of The Cover-Up. Alex Jones – Coronavirus A planetary Drill For World Government. SHOCK VIDEO! Beijing Begins Massive House To House Arrest Of Suspected Corona Carriers. Chilling VIDEO: Funeral Workers, Working 24/7 Performing Cremations. China Infiltrates America and the Media. Senator Cotton Urges China Travel Ban in Wake of Coronavirus. San Diego Hospital Accidentally Discharges nCoV Patient! So Much for Containment. 1981 Novel Eerily Predicts “Wuhan-400”…HOW DID THEY KNOW? A Stunning Admission on the So-Called Population Crisis. “Map Warfare”: How Chinese Maps Have Infiltrated the World

Joel Skousen joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the spread of the coronavirus, and how China facilitated the outbreak: Read More See Video

“No One leaves”!! That’s right… While this is happening you have Aboriginal people blocking the railway in Ontario /Ottawa / Montreal for 7 days now and getting away with it…NO Cops in sight.. Trudeau seems to be MIA once again… Coincidence?!! Via Rail website: Via Rail Canada is an independent Crown corporation that is mandated to operate intercity passenger rail service in Canada. *It receives an annual subsidy from Transport Canada* to offset the cost of operating services connecting remote communities.

SHOCK VIDEO! Beijing Begins Massive House To House Arrest Of Suspected Corona Carriers: Alex Jones Breaks Down Shock Videos from China concerning citizens getting dragged out of their homes. Read More See Video:

Chilling VIDEO: Funeral Workers, Working 24/7 Performing Cremations: Workers at crematoriums in Wuhan City, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, say their workload has increased dramatically in recent days, as they constantly transfer the bodies of victims from hospitals and private homes.In an interview with The Epoch Times, a worker described long working hours to cope with the sudden increase in bodies to be cremated. Meanwhile, videos from workers dealing with the crisis have been circulating on social media, including one from a worker at a Wuhan funeral home who shared footage of more than 10 bodies lying on gurneys, lined up for cremation. Read More See Videos: 


Aerosolized Coronavirus??? New & improved chemtrails anyone??!!!

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