Videos: 2 Videos REMOVED by Big Tech: Frontline Doctors Revealing The Truth about Hydroxychloroquine and Covid Hoax – Below is their Third video. American Federation of Teachers Union President Subpoenaed – #ProjectVeritas. FORMER DEMOCRAT CONGRESSMAN CHARGED FOR STUFFING BALLOTS, BRIBERY. BOOM: They’re Modifying Our DNA. JULY 2020 REPORT BY DEBORAH TAVARES. Understanding the Political Scenario – Yuri Bezmenov. Armed MILITIAS are RISING UP as Leftist RIOTERS Begin DESTROYING THEMSELVES!!! Demonstrators gather in Baltimore for #WalkAway Rescue America Rally. Dave Portnoy Pulled Off One Of The Best Interviews with Trump To Date

Shabbat Shalom dear friends around the world :-) Videos included Emunah: Coping with COVID-19: A Stronger Strategy: See Video: The Butterfly: See Video: Unexpected Rains: See Video: Moshiach and COVID 19: See Video:  

Videos: Communist Takeover Of America Playbook. HOW IS THIS STILL SECRET?! Military Insider Interview.. U.S. Should Sanction All Members of China’s Communist Party. Wave of Leftist Censorship Across Social Media Will Only INCREASE Right-Wing Populism!!! Armed MILITIA GROUPS are SURGING Across the Nation and COPS are JOINING THEM!!! 500 people rally in front of Clark County Sheriff’s office.. Gun Sales SURGE as Massive Forces are RISING UP Against ANTIFA and FAR LEFT!!! Tucker: Ordinary citizens stand up as politicians cower to the rage mob, St. Louis man who went viral defending his property speaks out. Tucker Carlson CRUSHES CNN with HIGHEST RATED Program in Cable News HISTORY!!!

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