Videos: Minneapolis WOKE Police Tell Citizens to OBEY CRIMINALS!!! Teachers Scare Kids & Hold Public Hostage Over Commie Demands. BLM Radicals CHASED OUT of Neighborhoods by ARMED CITIZENS.. WE CAN PRAY IN SCHOOLS AGAIN! Trump targets ads from ‘Big Pharma’ following executive order to lower drug prices. IT BEGINS: The Left’s Plan to ARREST Trump Is Underway with Federal Court Filing. Tucker on Biden: His poll numbers rely on voters not hearing him speak. 4 Shocking Statistics about the COVID-19 Lockdowns. Hollywood protestors stormed CNN with Pizzagate & QAnon signs – Save The Children! David Daleiden Sues Kamala Harris & Planned Parenthood

President Trump Names Pro-Life Leaders to Panel Investigating Aborted Baby Part Sales: Scientists and bioethics experts who believe babies in the womb deserve basic human rights are leading a new advisory board investigating the use of aborted baby body parts in government-funded research. Read More:

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