Shabbat Shalom dear friends around the world :-) Videos Included


“Gei Veiter” – Go Forward! “Gei Veiter” in Yiddish means “Go Forward” – the best 2-word emotional first aid kit there is. See this Video:

Who’s Behind the Beirut Blast? Here is this week’s emuna news roundup that you certainly won’t read or hear on conventional media channels. Because of the preoccupation with the Coronavirus, the blast in Beirut on Tuesday, August 4th got much less attention than it deserved. Sure, the world looked at the explosion in superficial 21st Century style but failed to understand the ramifications of the blast, which are far more important to Israel and the Jewish People than Coronavirus. While Coronavirus is a pandemic, the Beirut blast wasn’t planned to be in Beirut. It was planned to be a Hiroshima holocaust to level the city of Haifa, all of the Haifa Bay area and kill a million Jews, Heaven forbid. Hashem prevented that just as King David said he would. Read More See Video:


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