Republican National Convention – RNC Live Coverage – Day 1: Land of Heroes – 8/24/20. Goodyear Caves to President Trump – Reverses Ban after Stocks PLUMMET. Laura Trump Schools NBC Hosts During Hostile Interview. Biden Protest – Students show up at DNC day 4 protest Creepy Joe, Save Our Children March. Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Breaks Silence. Trump SURGES to HIGHEST APPROVAL RATING as Dems End WORST Convention EVER!!! Trump’s Brother Passes & Media Instantly Affirm How Sick They Really Are. World’s Largest Trump Boat Parade. George Soros buying district attorneys across America, in Bible Codes. Kenosha Riots are PROOF Democrats Know They Have LOST 2020 Election!!! Proud Boys CRUSH Antifa Soyboys in Portland as Police Side with PATRIOTS!!! New York City is a Sh*thole







































































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