Videos: MILLIONS of Conservatives Flock to the Social Media Platform. They think you’re stupid. Stop the Socialist Reset. Trudeau is planning a “Great Reset”: Here’s what he told the United Nations. No property, no privacy: World Economic Forum essay imagines a 2030 communist shift. LEAKED PLANS FOR THE NEXT AGENDA!!! THIS IS HAPPENING GLOBALLY. German Lawyer Sues The World Over Coronavirus. Fear, Immune System, Freedom.. Dr. Rashid A Buttar. Is Now the Time ‘To Do What We’re Told’? You Can’t Be Free Without This. We don’t want Communism in Canada! 2020 The Ultimate Red Pill. TEN HERBS THAT KILL VIRUSES FAST AND CLEAR MUCUS

This video in English and several other languages has been removed by Youtube. Here it is in French until that too is removed. Attached is his website: Youtube channel:

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