Videos: Israel freezes Palestinian taxes earmarked to support terror, Iran attests to great risk of war with Israel, Unanimous recognition of Iran’s malign nature, at Warsaw summit – TV7 Israel News. IDF Officer says: We are ready for war… Yellow Vest Protesters attack French Jewish Philosopher in Paris. Bibi responds to desecration of eighty Jewish graves in France Israel Freezes More than $130 Million from PA Tax Revenue: A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous. Proverbs 13:22 (The Israel Bible™)  Israel’s Security Cabinet finally implemented a law freezing Palestinian Authority funds and originally approved in the Knesset in July... Continue Reading →

Videos: Maxine Waters Recruiting Army, Ocasio Cortez Crafts Legislation, Supreme Court agree for trump case. Alert: New Information Points to 2 Traitors Sitting on Trump’s Cabinet. James Clapper Warns Of Russian Collusion Disappointment. Federal Grand Jury Already Convened. What You Don’t Know About Border-Funding Bill. Dear A.G. William Barr… President’s Displeasure Must Include Action

Videos: Nancy Pelosi Calling for Nationwide Gun Ban to Teach Trump a Lesson. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gets HUMILIATED In Congress For Asking DUMB Questions, Caught Adding Her Boyfriend To Her Staff After Denying It. MSNBC Guest Defends Smollett, Says Police Aren’t Credible… Nation-Wide Protests Cortez actually exposed the government and the corruption hundreds of years in the making  in the obvious attempt to pin Trump to it.

Videos: YELLOW VEST UPRISING: Is France on the Brink of CIVIL WAR? France’s Yellow Vests Erupt In Week 14. Spanish Prime Minister Out: Conservatives join with Catalans. Is Italy Preparing For COLLAPSE? Italy Tightens Grip On Huge Gold Reserves! Nigel Farage On What To Do About The Return Of ISIS Fighters. SHOCK STUDY: Anti-EU Forces Will TOPPLE Brussels Elite in May Elections!!! SOROS BEGS EUROPE TO WAKE UP AND ACCIDENTLY TELLS THE WORLD WHAT KIND OF WORLD HE WANTS!

Videos: President Trump Declares National Emergency to BUILD THE WALL!!! ALL Hell Just BROKE LOOSE On CNN’S Jim Acosta After Trump SAID TWO THINGS About Him!!! Sarah Sanders SPARS with Reporters outside of the White House. Pelosi’s Message to Republicans. How Many Americans Does it Take? Border-Package is Amnesty for All. Texas Troopers Form Wall of Vehicles to Stop Caravan. Trump’s Border Wall Construction Has Officially Begun!!! Here’s How They Lie and Always Get Away w/ It. Better Than Tribunals. The Moment of Truth Approaches

Videos: Can You Imagine If I Said This? McCabe Rosenstein In Big Trouble! McCabe Just Admitted to TREASON on LIVE TV, OVERTHROW Conspiracy CONFIRMED! Time For JAIL! Congress Blindsides Hillary – Democrat Plan For Trump Gets Clinton Instead!! Klayman on Freedom Watch Investigation of Adam Schiff! ‘Why Is She So Dumb??’ – Tucker Carlson Analyzes Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ Character. Crooked Dem SCRAMBLES After Nonprofit Is CAUGHT With 7 HUGE Violations. BUSTED: News Reporters Caught Helping Kamala Harris On Campaign Trail. Mueller Probe Collapses as Attempted Coup Against Trump Exposed!!! Twitter Censorship Goes After The President’s Account & Makes Fools Of Themselves. Jussie Smollett’s HATE HOAX Exposes the Liberal Left’s Bigotry!!! Senate Republicans Move To “Nuclear” Option To Speed Up Trump’s Nominees

Videos: YUGE! TRUMP Finds $14B For His BORDER WALL Leaves Democrats CHOCKING On DUST!! TRUMP JUST DROPPED The REAL HAMMER On Pelosi. Trump Women Storm Nancy Pelosi’s Office. Proof FBI was Protecting Clinton Prior to 2016 Election New Emails Show

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