Videos: BREXIT BETRAYAL: Tory Traitors Bring Britain to the Brink of SNAP ELECTIONS!!! Globalist Elites Show Contempt for Voters on Both Sides of the Atlantic!!! Boris Johnson And Jeremy Corbyn Viciously Verbose In House Of Commons. Boris to Replace Remain MPs with Brexit MPs. UK MPs made ‘significant step in anti-democratic direction’. Boris is Still Winning Brexit Despite Remainers’ Plot in Parliament. Nigel Farage Reveals He Would Work With Any Party to Deliver #NoDealBrexit

Iranians Have Lied to the World. Israeli PM Netanyahu Calls Upon Europe “Just Do It”. Iran Threatens to Sink US Warships and Destroy Israel. UN ‘Peacekeepers’ Attacked by Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon. Israel Faces a Serious Escalation in its Proxy War with Iran. ‘Sounds like Messianic times’: Netanyahu on Arab states condemning Hezbollah. The IDF foils a massive Iranian/Hezbollah attack on Israel. Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah ‘Knows Exactly Why He Is in a Bunker,’ Israeli PM Netanyahu Says After Border Violence. Rouhani announces Iran to develop ‘all kinds’ of nuclear centrifuges. Israelis in North Sing Blessings to Soldiers on way to Fight Hezbollah

Israeli PM Netanyahu reacted to Iran’s recent announcement that it now holds over 300 kilograms of low-enriched uranium. Netanyahu says this is additional proof that Iranian leaders have lied to the world over their nuclear intentions, and gone against their commitments in Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. Netanyahu then called upon European countries to finally hold... Continue Reading →

PA About to Unleash Massive Building Spree to Conquer Judea and Samaria. Temple Mount: Waqf Muslim Spits on Jew, Ends Up in Ambulance. Israeli Youth Violate Police Orders, Sing Hymn on Temple Mount. Why a two-state solution would mean suicide for Israel. “Palestinian” Arab Woman Murdered by Her Family – Honor Killing Goes Viral. IDF Neutralizes Pipe Bomb at Joseph’s Tomb Before 1200 Jewish Worshippers Arrive. IDF Tank Kills 5 Hamas Terrorists Trying to Invade Israel from Gaza. 10 Times Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were Anti-Semitic. The most ridiculous interview with an anti-Semite. German Soccer Fans Who Abused Israeli Referee With Medieval ‘Jewish Pig’ Insult Should Face Legal Action, Green Party MP Urges. Dept. of Labor Official Resigns Over ‘Sarcastic’ Posts Bloomberg Called ‘Anti-Semitic’. Bust of Hitler discovered in French parliament. New HBO Series Depicts Jewish “Settlers” as Neo-Nazis. NYPD: Over half of New York City hate crimes in 2019 were anti-Semitic

But the land must not be sold beyond reclaim, for the land is Mine Leviticus 25:23 (The Israel Bible™) The PA Announced its decision to end compliance with the Oslo Accords and will begin to express this by issuing building permits allowing Arabs to build illegally in Israel-controlled areas. The European Union has already taken sides,... Continue Reading →

Trump could Initiate Building of Third Temple as Head of Edom. Trump’s Grandchild Sent to Jewish Summer Camp to Learn Importance of Israel. FL Governor Prayed in Jerusalem to Avoid Hurricane, God Answered his Prayer. The Trump Effect: Honduras to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital. Anglican Church of Canada to Stop Converting Jews. Latest Military Technology from Israel – the ”Carmel’ Tank. New Israeli Technology can Hijack Hostile Drones, Use them Against Enemy. Israeli Scientists Find Way That Could Prevent Melanoma Cells from ‘Hijacking’ Their Way to Brain

“Thus said King Cyrus of Persia: God of Heaven has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and has charged me with building Him a house in Yerushalayim, which is in Yehuda. Ezra 1:2 (The Israel Bible™) Jewish sources hint that the alliance between the U.S and Israel is the prophetic end-of-days coming together of... Continue Reading →

Bill Gates will Try to Block the Sun: ‘Tower of Babel’ in 2019. Prophecy Vindicated: Drilling Near Sea of Galilee Causing Record Earthquakes. The life that’s coming out of the Dead Sea. West Nile virus detected in Jerusalem. This terror victim’s survival shocked ALL the doctors. Chief cantor of IDF took Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and did something beautiful. Celebrating Israel with Bon Jovi!

For the earth was defiled Under its inhabitants; Because they transgressed teachings, Violated laws, Broke the ancient covenant. Isaiah 24:5 (The Israel Bible™)  A team of scientists personally sponsored by Bill Gates plan on countering the effects of ‘global warming by injecting millions of tons of dust into the atmosphere to block the sun’s rays.... Continue Reading →

Videos: ‘ALL OF US ARE IN DANGER’ Julian Assange Issues Urgent Warning & It’s Coming True! ‘Extraordinary venom’ comes from mainstream Left on Twitter. WHAT’S AT STAKE: The other side wants us to be a nation of worms. Tucker Carlson – The Plot To Make 22M Illegals Rule This Country & Destroy It As Well. Escape-Hatch was Locked. Now Hiring Ebola-Screeners. STUDY: The #MeToo Movement is HURTING Women, But Liberals BLAME MEN!!! Marvel Just Announced New Superhero – Libs Are Already Jumping For Joy. Student Banned from High School after Posting a Video of Guns Before going with Mom to Gun Range. Trump Supporter Takes Wife on a Date in Portland, Then 2 CRAZY Libs Show Up and Do the UNTHINKABLE. Sen. Cruz Delivers Foreign Policy Address at Hudson Institute

Videos: Dave Chappelle DESTROYS Political Correctness; Liberal Snowflakes OUTRAGED!!! Conservative Media is GROWING and THRIVING in the Age of Trump!!! New Christian Film CRUSHES Box Office Expectations, BREAKING Liberal Hearts. Mike Pence Defends Stay at Trump Hotel During Ireland Trip. Democrats put ILLEGAL ALIENS, before American citizens. Debunked: Lying Larry O – Has REALLY stepped in it THIS TIME. Trump Makes HUGE Announcement. What the Media is Missing About Trump – Larry Elder Show. Red flag laws violate our rights ft. Dana Loesch – #TruthStraightUp . ISAIAH 41-10

Videos` Kids: Chasing Paradise – Official Trailer – Summer 2019. Sharia Law – The Psychology of Terrorism Part 11. My Brother Joined ISIS, Child Soldiers – The World of Extremism Part 1.2.3. Glazov: Ilhan’s Adultery? A Stoning Offense? Reporter CONFRONTS Ilhan Omar on her Affair with a Married Man. CAIR’s plan to destroy America! Is Ilhan Omar Leading the Democratic Party to Turn Against God? Socialist bro shows us how to weaponize racism at #MuslimFest2019 . Islamic Party of Ontario… say what??! CAIR’s plan to destroy America! It has been exposed before, but many have ignored the truth. But will you listen to Miss Iraq? CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) is not what some may think it is. CAIR’s plan to take over America is frightening. They have already begun.... Continue Reading →

Videos: Salvini and Lega OUSTED from Italian Parliament as 5 Star Betrays Voters!!! Live From Rome: The End Of Salvini? ‘If I were Boris, I would prorogue the parliament too’. BREXIT!! BORIS JOHNSON PROROGUES GOVERNMENT, QUEEN AGREES! (I ALWAYS KNEW SHE HAD A SENSE OF HUMOR!). Macron Throws a Tantrum After Boris Says Britain Won’t Pay £39bn Brexit Bill. The EU Panic Over Boris Preparing No Deal Brexit. Merkel Punished in Elections as Nationalist AfD Surges to BEST Showing Ever!!! AfD Flügel, “there will be no second chance”. People need to be ‘moved on and out’ from Labor. This is what happened when ANTIFA TRIED EJECTING me from a protest. Bernie Sanders Gets Fooled By China Propaganda  

Videos: Protecting Your Home From Satanic Invasion // David Wilkerson. Wow ! Alabama Church Goes Crazy – This Is 100% Backwards. MANDATORY INDOCTRINATION: TAX FUNDED PROGRAM TEACHES ISLAM WHILE BASHING CHRISTIANITY & AMERICA. Everyone Reading This Is A Bigot. D’Souza: Donald Trump didn’t cause the division in America, it caused him. Gutsy Fox Anchor CALLS OUT Tribalism in Defiant Response to Trump – FOX Is Fake News!!! CNNLies – The Series – Part 1 – #TFNOriginal . VICTORY OR DEATH: Allen West calls on all of us to take a stand for liberty. Straight Pride Parades Show That Americans Don’t Care What the Left Says About Them

Videos: The Truth About the Hong Kong Protests. Petrol bombs, water cannons and tear gas used in violent clashes in Hong Kong. HK police action demonstrates ‘state level terrorism’. Get Off the Plane: Your Social Credit Score Just Went Negative. Chinese Troops “Rotate” Into Hong Kong. Gilet Jaunes/ 42 – Man Dressed As Jesus Carries Cross In Yellow Vest March. Brazil’s Bolsonaro HUMILIATES Macron over Amazon Fires!!! Bolsonaro ‘doesn’t accept the global warming hoax’. Amazon fire ‘lies’ are ‘designed to feed climate alarmist movement’. ‘Green left propagandists extremists are hiding behind children’ – treat the public like fools’

The Jewish ideology is that Everything comes from God. Why are there so many demonstrations and a major pushback from the world populations today? God Exposed the Ugly side of the left and their attempt to abolish our speech, break us down, steal our livelihood, destroy the family, open our borders and invite danger, shame... Continue Reading →

Shabbat Shalom dear friends around the world :-) Netanyahu to make Pro-3rd Temple Politician Top Official. Science Confirms: the Human Soul Lives on After Death

Men from far away shall come and take part in the building of the Temple of Hashem Zechariah 6:15 (The Israel Bible™)   It has been confirmed that Zehut (Identity) party leader Moshe Feiglin will order his party, Zehut, to step down in the current election to join Netanyahu’s Likud party who will make him a “high... Continue Reading →

Videos: Has Concluded All FISA Warrants Used to Spy on Trump Were ILLEGAL. CORRUPT OFFICIALS LEARN THEIR PUNISHMENT. GRAND JURY INDICTS Democrat Mayor Named in Podesta Emails. Body Language: Political Espionage CEO Patrick Byrne. Lord Rothschild Panicking, Fed Told to Sway 2020 Election Against Trump. A Parallel System Is Coming. I WARNED YOU: SILICON VALLEY INSTALLING CHINESE STYLE SOCIAL CREDIT SCORING SYSTEM !!! Google’s Hero Revealed. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Days on Supreme Court Are Coming to an End!!! Broke Dems Fundraise in MEXICO while GOP Breaks Another Record!!! Kirsten Gillibrand Drops Out of 2020 Race – Another One Bites the Dust! Latina Congress Candidate Blasts Ocasio Cortez: I Love America Unlike AOC. Trump Lawyers POUNCE on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell – FORCE Him To Admit He’s FAKE NEWS. Defending Our Catholic Heritage: Rejecting HexFest. Border Patrol Releases Drone Footage of 60 MILES of Trump’s New WALL!!! Trump’s Greatest Achievement

Videos: Donald Trump URGENT Press Conference with President Macron of France at G7. Iran news in brief, August 28, 2019. Trade War Escalates After China Puts Tariffs on US – China Uncensored. Body Language: G7 Stressful 2019. Merkel on the Brink: Nationalist AfD Set to WIN German Elections on Sunday!!! AfD TV ad for 2019 Brandenburg state election. British Reporter Tries to Bait President Trump to Attack Boris Johnson, Watch how he responds. Boris Johnson Insists Irish Backstop Be Removed To Avoid No Deal Brexit. Boris Suspends UK Parliament; Liberals FREAK OUT As UK Closer to Brexit!!! Trump Rattles Global Markets. Salvini Next Prime Minister of Italy! Tells Migrant Ship to go to Socialist Spain!!!

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