Videos: 5 Algerian Billionaires Arrested! One of them Met with Macron Recently? Trump says John Kerry may Have Broken Law with ‘Shadow Diplomacy’ Campaign. FBI Admits Hillary Clinton Emails Found in Obama White House. Did Michelle Obama Break FTC Law with 50-second Beyonce Video? Clinton State Department Employee Pleads Guilty to Conspiring with Foreign Agents. Eric Swalwell: One of THE BIGGEST LIARS in America. CNN’s Cuomo Gets EVISCERATED For Misleading Viewers About Collusion  

Videos: Islamic politician “jokes” about burning down Montreal church, Edmonton CityNews panelists react to Alberta election with hate – Ezra Levant. How low will the Trudeau Liberals go for votes? Trudeau rang up $384K in food, liquor on only 5 flights – Sheila Gunn Reid. Justin Trudeau Alberta Has Spoken… PEI’s Next!!! The Trudeau government doubles down on nonsense. Trudeau using smoke and mirrors with immigration. Hey CBC, are you kidding me?!!! Saskatchewan sides with Ontario against the federal carbon tax. Eastern Canadian cities brace for downpours amid sweeping flood warnings, devastating flooding in Kazabazua Quebec, Hudson Quebec flood 2019. Not again. French video in Quebec

Videos: Brigitte Gabriel Discusses the Sri Lanka Easter Bombings – Islam is escalating its assault on Christianity!! 800 plus Churches attacked this year in France alone! The Left Invents New Term For Christians. Dangerous Tactic: Democrat Lawmakers ‘Weaponize’ Religion. The War to Destroy Christian America. A Democracy or a Republic? Andrew Klavan – Can We Keep Silent in a World Gone Mad? Deception in the Last Days! (2019-2020). Pro-Life Film Causing Abortion Workers to LEAVE the Industry!!! Graphic language

Videos: MUELLER REPORT: TRUMP WINS, DEMS and MEDIA LOSE ……. PERIOD!!! Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow EMBARRASSES Brian Williams After Release Of Mueller Report. Media meltdown… The left wants to Ban skyscrapers, Leftist Organizer: Asking If a Person Is a U.S. Citizen Is a ‘Clearly Racist Scheme’. Corsi’s Prosecution of Mueller and DOJ Criminals! Can we survive the crazy Left? – Michael Knowles + Andrew Klavan LIVE at Texas A&M  

Videos: Multiple Bombings on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka Kills Hundreds. Jihadis Target Christians and Tourists in Easter Sunday Bombings. Sri Lanka Martyrs are a Testimony to the Christian Hope! THE MASSACRE IN SRI LANKA IN BIBLE CODE GLAZERSON

Horrific terror in the name of Islam hits again, this time killings hundreds of Christian worshipers in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. Over 207 people are reported as killed so far and over 450 reported injured with bomb attacks in five Churches and three hotels. Officials say that 36 foreign nationals are thought to be... Continue Reading →

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Passover dear friends around the world :-) Israel videos included

For, lo, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will turn the captivity of My people Israel and Judah, saith the LORD; and I will cause them to return to the land that I gave to their fathers, and they shall possess it. Jeremiah 30:3 For the best detailed book... Continue Reading →

Videos: BREXIT is Just the Start; the EU’s Old Order is CRACKING!!! BRITAIN REVOLT: New Brexit Party and UKIP to Dominate Upcoming Elections!!! YELLOW VEST ACT 22: Protests INTENSIFY while Macron Turns to VIOLENCE!!! The Nationalist Populist FINNS PARTY Makes MASSIVE Gains in Stunning VICTORY!!! The SOCIAL MOVEMENTS Making the World More RIGHT-WING!!! Geert Wilders: If something happens to me, Minister Grapperhaus is responsible. Brilliant defense of conservative values by Giorgia Meloni at World Congress of Families, Italy.

Videos: Andrew Lawton at the Carbon Tax Trial; Giving taxpayers a voice with Christine Van Geyn. Canadian Christian forced to pay “sharia” fine – Ezra Levant. Jagmeet Singh Nails Trudeau For $12M Corporate Giveaway To Loblaws. Canadian asks Justin Trudeau a Great Question on the Carbon Tax effects. Trudeau plays down SNC-Lavalin controversy as “internal disagreement”. ALBERTA ELECTION: Canadians Turn to the RIGHT!!! The Only party that makes sense is the Nationalist Party of Canada which is being deplatformed and banned by the government!!  

Videos: When is Enough Enough? Bill Barr’s Fraud: No DOJ Indictments Over Trump “Spying”; Bundy Outrage! Jeanine Pirro Rips Comey & Spies. Trump: Time to Investigate Hillary, DNC and Comey! Russia Warns of a NWO-Iran warns US of consequences-N.Korea gives US Deadline. A 2020 RED WAVE is RISING – and the Democrats are Powerless to Stop It!!! SHOCK STUDIES: Millennials and Gen Z’s More CONSERVATIVE Than Ever!!!

Videos: #AssaultOnFreeSpeech . At War with Christianity: Dark Agenda. Do not let America Become London: Katie Hopkins. Pretty Much the Weakest Argument Against Conspiracy Theories Ever. Alan Turing, Cybernetics and the Secrets of Life. O’Keefe Receives Subpoena in NH – Un-Aired WMUR Interview. Chase Bank RESPONDS to #debanking Story – No Denial Of “moral character” Judgment. Twitter Exec Denies Shadow Banning in Senate Hearing. The ARREST of JULIAN ASSANGE and the Consequences of GLOBALISM!!! Facebook Investors Want to Check Zuckerberg’s Power, Oust Him from Company Chair

Videos: Michael Knowles Attacked On Stage for saying men are not women!! GENDER BENDER BS: How OUR KIDS are being “PSYCHOLOGICALLY MOLESTED” by educators. Rep. Joe Kennedy on Transgenderism and Sports: ‘That’s Your Problem’!! Secret 14,000-Page Boy Scout ‘PERVERSION LIST’. “WHAT DO CRAIGSLIST AND PEDOPHILES HAVE IN COMMON?” CHILDREN ARE THE CURRENCY OF THE PEDOPHILIC WORLD ELITE The illuminati's of the world are All androgynous AKA Transexuanality. They have been shoving this diabolical agenda on us for thousands of years...  

Videos: PM Netanyahu ROCKED the world in this 2 minute speech. Gazan’s launch incendiary balloons despite ceasefire, Israel conducts deadly air-raid on Iranian targets in Syria, Netanyahu’s rivals vow to make his life ‘a living hell’ – TV7 Israel News. PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at Weekly Cabinet Meeting. Bibi might make the biggest move in Israeli history. Fascinating Conversation with Medieval History Expert about Notre Dame and the Jews The Left has poisoned the world!!! Bibi might make the biggest move in Israeli history: Yes – that is a bombastic headline. But it is not such a stretch. Bibi Netanyahu may indeed be on the cusp of changing history. When Israel liberated the heartland of Judea and Samaria in... Continue Reading →

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