Videos: Justin Trudeau’s “fakeness and incompetence” broke the immigration system, Justin Trudeau’s illegal border crisis GOT WORSE – Michelle Rempel grills Minister of Nothing. Question Period Highlights. Simple Question Minister. The Trudeau government’s shameless approach to public safety. Justin Trudeau is a charlatan. SNC-Lavalin scandal may have more twist & turns. Commies Threaten Premier Ford

Videos: Trump SLAMS Joe Biden, Expects To Give Him A Good Run For His Money In 2020 Race. HEIGHT OF HYPOCRISY: #METOO MOVEMENT FOUNDER SECRETLY WORKING FOR JOE BIDEN!!! Biden Makes Absurd Claim About Jim Crow Coming Back. Swamp Rewind: Young Joe Biden ADMITS He’s a Corporate Sellout. Tucker Carlson.. “Beto is Done”!! President Trump GOES OFF on Press at Meeting with Slovak Prime Minister at the White House. Skeleton Crawls From Jerry Nadler’s Closet, Exposes Massive Conflict of Interest Against Trump. Dem Sen Hirono LOSES HER MIND And Melts Down During Barr Hearing. Senate Democrats Delete Embarrassing Poll After it Backfires Badly. Ticket Prices Plunge From $2000 To $7 Dollars For Bill And Hillary Clinton’s Speaking Tour. Why U.S. Will Never Grant Assange Immunity

Videos: Banning Everyone, Internet Weaponized, William Barr No Show, Don’t Join Cults, Think For Yourself. Facebook censorship…Paul Joseph Watson, Milo, Loomer BANNED. Laura Loomer Visits Facebook After Being BANNED. Tucker: Big tech has launched an attack on your rights. Trump Sticks Up for Hollywood Legend and His Constitutional Rights. Comparing JoshWho Search to Google and DuckDuckGo. Jordan Peterson – WARNING FOR AMERICA! The Liberal Media should be ASHAMED! They have humiliated themselves since Trump won. Censorship: A merger between Big Media and the State – Ezra Levant

Videos: Israeli communities under rocket-fire following Gaza bombardment, Gazan Islamists launch a rocket toward Israel, Iran-U.S. rift deepens, Lebanon vows to target Israel’s airport if attacked, Iran threatens ‘oil-embargo will lead to war’, Israel to honor Trump over Golan recognition, Iran terms Israel and U.S. as “root” of regional problems, – TV7 Israel News. ISLAMIC JIHAD WILL SHOOT MISSILES, THE NEW YORK TIMES – ANTI SEMITE – in BIBLE CODE – Glazerson. Lexington Synagogue Shooting Reaction. Poway Rabbi to President Trump: ‘You Were the First Person to Begin My Healing’. Holocaust Remembrance Day Siren Tel Aviv #NeverAgain  

Videos `Venezuela: The END Game. Coup Underway. Gun Ban Keeps Maduro In Power. Venezuela Is Bernie and AOC’s Utopia – The Michael Knowles Show. Islamic Racial Supremacist Rep. Omar: America Won’t Be A Country Of White People. Hillary Asks China for Trump Tax-Returns. Assange Update. SPEECH IS NOT VIOLENCE: Knowles completely owns pretentious professor

Videos: End of Merkel? Nationalist AfD Now STRONGEST Party in East Germany!!! Spain Elections: Nationalist Right Vox Party SURGES While Nation Turns Left!!! Right-wing Populists Now Represented in 23 out of 28 EU Member States!!! Our Battle Of Britain. Nigel Farage Faces The Heat From Sky News Over Leaving The EU. Nigel Farage In Newport, Wales – It’s More Than BREXIT Now. GRAZIE MATTEO!

Videos: Omar Khadr does not deserve a hero’s welcome. CBC welcomes Omar Khadr on Easter Sunday talk show – Ezra Levant. Trudeau Ringing The Alarm Bells For The U.N. Michelle Rempel debunks Justin Trudeau’s CRAZY carbon tax!! Trudeau’s plastic tax report: Sometimes recycling not worth it. Let’s ask why Canada is part of China’s big bank. Justin Trudeau vs the Provinces. Trudeau VS. The Real World. Justin Trudeau is a divider of Canadians. Conservatives WIN in Canada AGAIN!!!

Videos: America’s Birthplace 2019: A UNESCO World Heritage Site of Global Culture and Interdependence. The Fight to Protect the Deep State is On. Dismantling NWO One Treaty at a Time. The Truth May Scare You! (2019-2020). Central Bank Insanity! Japanese Central Bank Owns Nearly Every ETF and Most Stocks. MEXICAN SOLDIERS Cross Over U.S. Border, Disarm and Hold U.S. Army Troops At Gunpoint. Dept. of Defense to Send Cooks and Drivers to Border, U.S. Officially a Laughing Stock. **Boom a New Search Engine is Born No more fake results JoshWho Search**  

Videos: Edinburg, Texas Mayor Turns Himself In. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Resigns. Far-Left Boston Judge INDICTED for Colluding to Help Twice-Deported Man Evade Arrest. MEMBERS OF CONGRESS BEG JANITORS AND MAIDS FOR SEX AT NIGHT ACCORDING TO IG REPORT. NEW Leak EXPOSES Barack Obama’s BETRAYAL To America! Bill Clinton Staffer Dead at 58 After a “Sudden Illness”. Rothschild’s Liquidating Royal Heirlooms in Historic Auction. The Deep State Supersedes All Gov’t – Here’s What’s Going 100% Wrong In 2019. Hillary, JFK Death, Judge Napolitano, Pence, News. Another Horrific Attack On Parental Rights  

Videos: President Trump Holding MAGA Rally in Wisconsin. Donald Trump Delivers Remarks at the NRA Convention. President Trump SHOCKED by Prime Minister Abe of Japan at White House Press Conference. 2020 Census: Nightmare Fuel for Democrats. Creepy Joe Biden starts 2020 Campaign, LYING ABOUT President Trump #FakeNews Joe Biden Is A Shameless Liar!! Cory Booker Just PRAISED An Anti-American And Offended EVERYBODY Who Is SANE. Beto, In a Forest: Let’s Spend $5 Trillion on Global Warming. Stakeout: Avenatti appears in court to be arraigned on 36 counts. Activists Take to the Streets of D.C. to Demand ‘Medicare for All’. CIA Whistle-Blower: 2020 More Shocking than 2016

Videos: TRUMP TRASHES Liberal Media’s RATINGS TANK Since Release of Mueller Report!!! Do Americans Trust The Media After The Mueller Report Told The Truth? Here’s What Pedestrians Think. CNN is Actively Smearing Bernie Sanders and EVERYONE Should Understand WHY. Media Caught Selectively Editing AGAIN – Record Your Interviews! Sarah Sanders SPARS with the Liberal Media as Trump is set to meet with Top Dems Tomorrow **Hardcore Conservatives – New Social Network Site**

359 ‘People Were in Pieces!’ Sri Lanka: Islamist Terror on Easter. Videos: Sri Lanka Suicide Bomber Was Radicalized in Great Britain and Australia. Are Mosques Houses Of Worship?

"We are a peace-loving community in this small city, we had never hurt anyone, but we don't know from where this amount of hate is coming. This city has become a grave with blood and bodies lying around.... Since the past three years, we don't know why, but we see an extremist's mindset developing among... Continue Reading →

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