Videos: The UK Gets Trumped with Brexit Bombshell!!! UKIP London Chairman Freddy Vachha Tells Trump That Theresa May Will be Thrown Out Soon – US Embassy. Sharon Klaff, Campaign4Truth Apologizes for How Lefties Treated Trump – US Embassy, London. Free Tommy Rally London Parliament. Tommy Robinson UPDATES: “Shocking treatment in prison”, supporter: “He’s the voice of the working class”  

Videos: Trump-Putin Summit and the Death of the New World Order!!! President Putin: There was US Election Tampering involving 400M in funding. Delusional Paranoid Chuck Schumer Implies Putin Holding Damaging Info On Trump. Russia Charges Alleged CIA Mole with Treason – Could Face 20 Years in Prison. Ignore Leftie News Sockpuppets: Trump Was Magnificent With Putin in Helsinki, We’re Lucky He’s POTUS. Trump Pins The “Tale” On The Donkey For Election Meddling – Putin Cosigns

Videos: Premier Ford Respectfully Hammers Angry Andrea Horwath. Horwath Angry That The People Elected Ford To End Carbon Tax. Premier Ford Attacked, Shamed & Blamed By An Angry NDP Bully. No Carbon Taxes Now! No Carbon Taxes Ever! CHAOS in Canada! Trudeau’s Mass Refugee Program Just Put This Major City in DANGER. Govt regulations killed Greyhound  

Videos: Body Language Expert Just EXPOSED Crazy Peter Strzok During Hearing – Now His True Colors Are Out! YOU’RE FIRED! Congress Officially Filing Impeachment Charges Against Anti-Trump Politician. John Brennan Unravels. Paul Ryan Stomps His Foot, Sends Shockwaves Through Lisa Page After Skipping Testimony. Nutty Rep. Steve Cohen calls for a military coup against Pres. Trump – Tucker. Disgraced Maxine Waters Comes Out With Surprising Admission Of What She Says Is ‘Very Clear’ Now ??  

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