Video: She Really Is

I find it completely pathetic when the liberal lunatics have a problem with the American flag or Anything that is American. Why then do they live in America and enjoy all that America has to offer? WHY do these same liberal lunatics keep teaching in kindergartens up to universities with this same Anti-America mentality? As long as this keeps being pushed there will be nothing left of America and the world for that matter. Erasing history from All history books worldwide, bringing down the ten commandments, removing God’s Name and prayers from All institutions, getting offended by Happy Mother’s day, thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, bringing down statues, putting up the temple of Baal to erect all that is evil, pushing for transgenderism, fake medias, fraud, theft, destruction, chaos… If for instance they do get their way then what? What would their ideal new world order style world be? All who tried these same tactics throughout history failed in the end and yet these fools think that for some reason They will succeed because they have succeeded so far and they have trillions of Our money to back them up, ready to go killer robots, deep state, military, medias, All big corporations… Yes they do have much But God is Bigger as shown throughout history!

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