Videos: Trudeau Gets His Ass Handed To Him At Regina Town Hall! Trudeau Questioned About Saudi Oil, Sharia Law & Globalism Booed For COMPLETELY Avoiding This Question. Town Hall Canadian Slams Trudeau’s Carbon Tax & The CBC. The truth about Trudeau’s Carbon Tax -Andrew Scheer. Justin Trudeau says we shouldn’t care about crimes committed by migrants. People are saying NO. Trudeau Town Hall Question Breakdown Day 2! Trudeau illegally hides dealings with George Soros. BOOM! Bernier Exposes Trudeau & The UN World Parliament. Yellow Vests Canada January 12

Videos: President Trump Pulls Federal Funds From California. Trump is tweet-slamming the SWAMP RATS!! Cortez: Illegals are ‘More American’ Than Trump Supporters! Sign The Petition To Remove Alexandria Ocasio Cortez From Congress. BOOM: Over 106,000 Sign White House Petition To Remove Dem Rep Who Called Trump ‘Motherf*’  

Videos: LEFTIST WAKE-UP CALL!! Mexico is ALREADY Paying For The Wall – Now Go BACK To Sleep! They Forgot the Polls! Ted Cruz tells Hannity about the border crisis in Texas. Two Migrants Were Discovered Inside Mattresses Trying To Cross The Spanish Border

Videos: Mother Allows 10-year-old ‘Drag Kid’ To Pose with Nude Drag Queen. 10 Year Old Drag Kids and the Attack on America. PEDOPHILE PRISON JUSTICE! “Traditional Masculinity” is HARMFUL?? Tucker Reacts to New APA Report. Masculinity: A Harmful RELIC of the Unenlightened. America in 2019 – Nobody’s Talking About This!

Videos: As Trump Leaves for Border He Makes DIRE WARNING On National Emergency. Cruz Calls Out Schumer, Pelosi, Dems For Refusal To Budge On The Border Wall. Jim Acosta goes to Border Wall. Dana Loesch goes off on the “ROTUND FRAUD,” Ana Navarro. Crazy Ocasio-Cortez Issues Bizarre Apology To Donald Trump Jr. After Abuse Of Power Threat

Videos: FINALLY! Sen. Mitch McConnell CONFIRMS THIS Over BORDER WALL FUNDING! Schumer SITS ON FIRE! Ocasio-Cortez, People Are More Concerned About Being Factually Correct. Dem Rashida Tlaib Unleashes Anti-Semitic Slur Against Congressional Colleagues. Faith Nation: January 4, 2019. A HUGE WAVE OF ARRESTS HAS BEEN PERFORMED  

Videos: Whistleblowers Reveal Comey’s Central Role in Trump Spying Cover-Up. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes MAJOR Announcement – This Move Is A First Ever For Her. More nonsense from Socialist Ocasio-Cortez. Rashida Tlaib Dodges Reporters, Won’t Answer Questions About Her “Impeach the Motherf*!” Comment. THIS T-shirt Got Her Booted From Her Favorite Spot

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