Videos: Trump Gets GAMECHANGING Request From Lawmakers That Could END EVERYTHING Tomorrow Morning! Peter Strzok Facing 10 Years – New Texts Reveal Secret Criminal Leaks with CIA “Our Sisters”. Comey Just CRAPPED HIS PANTS After Hearing What This Federal Prosecutor Said On LIVE TV!! Top Dem BUSTED in SICK Act Against Children And LOOK Who Paid Her To Do It! Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gives FINAL Warning to John Kerry over Shadow Diplomacy. ARRESTS you probably haven’t heard about! DRAIN THE SWAMP! DONALD TRUMP: These Are The Principles We Stand For – What Do YOU Stand For Democrats? Trump @ War – MUST SEE – Trailer

Videos: Candace Owens: Dems are scared, so they brought out Obama! Obama Had SICK SURPRISE For Benghazi Heroes When They Arrived in Germany That Will Make You FURIOUS. LEVIN: Why is Obama campaigning for the Democrats? To protect himself? Stormy Daniels Caught In ‘Special Relationship’ With Obama’s Oval Office. Stormy Daniels Attorney Michael Avenatti Has 2020 Announcement Scheduled. Total Domination: 750 People Show Up for Obama’s Rally; 10,000 Show Up at Trump’s… Breakdown: Obama Stutters, Mentions Self 79 Times at Rally: I’ve always been stunned that Donald Trump is the first president the media’s called a narcissist. Without opining on whether or not our 45th head of state is obsessed with... Continue Reading →

Videos: No More Social Media Bans: We Are Entering a Post-GOOGLE Age!!! Zuckerberg TERRIFIED After Millions Agree With FOX NEWS HOST Over the Fate Of Facebook and Twitter. Email shows Google tried to help elect Clinton. Twitter Hearing ERUPTS The Second Jack Dorsey is CONFRONTED During Testimony. Tucker EXPOSES Google Exec’s Ploy to Boost Latino Voter Turnout for Hillary in 2016. Twitter SUSPENDS Another, The Reason Will DISGUST You. What Is Net Neutrality? Trump Declares NATIONAL SECURITY ALERT on NYT OpEd Author – Insider Declares Identity.  

Videos: President Duterte slams Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau: Tariffs- Full of Sh**, A Coward Spending (Canada’s) Money. Living Large on Canada’s Credit Card! TOP 5 DUMBEST, ARROGANT Trudeau Moments. Prelude to Conservative Civil War. Trudeau gives $50K to migrants, but hides that number from Canadians – Sheila Gunn Reid

Videos: Andrew McCabe has been Under Secret Criminal Grand Jury Investigation. Sen. Susan Collins Exposes Left-Wing ‘Bribe’ To Vote Against Kavanaugh. Kamala Harris Tries to Be Perry Mason, Gets Outwitted by Kavanaugh! GAME OVER! Trump-Haters PETRIFIED As He Moves To DECLASSIFY The One Document They FEAR! Trump Just Said ‘You’re FIRED’ to Thousands of Obama-Era EPA Employees. Huma Run On by the Generals. POTUS Signs E.O.: Party’s Over

VIDEOS: THE JEZEBEL SPIRIT IN THE CHURCH – End Time Events. Body Language: Pastor & Ariana Grande I don't even know who this person is...! It represents the entire entity. It's Always been about rebellion. That was and is the message behind Everything they promote. Rebellion! You can feel it when you are around it. We've all been affected by it somehow.

Videos: Miss America Contestants Attack Trump And USA To Try To Win, Realize Unfortunate Mistake Too Late. New Miss America Exposed As A ‘Fraud’ – Outraged New Yorkers Can’t Believe She Was Crowned. Contestant Gave Own Shocking ‘Politically Incorrect’ Intro At Miss America, Then Lost Pageant! Left or Liberal? Democrats – What Do You Stand For? Porn Stars and Creepy Porn Lawyers?

Videos: US won’t support the Palestinians unless they pursue peace – TV7 Israel News. U.S. Ambassador to Israel: We’ve Thrown Billions To Palestinians, Peace Is Not a Millimeter Closer!! Israel Closes Embassy in Paraguay After South American Nation Reverses Jerusalem Move Israel Closes Embassy in Paraguay After South American Nation Reverses Jerusalem Move:   Israel has closed its embassy in Paraguay following the South American country’s decision to move its embassy in the Jewish state from Jerusalem back to Tel Aviv. The step by Paraguay — announced by its foreign minister on Wednesday — marked... Continue Reading →

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