Videos: Trudeau’s Propagandists get the “Patriot” treatment. WHILE YOU SLEEP THEY TEST THEIR ROBOTS! The new COVID-19 restrictions don’t make any sense. Calif. doctor successfully cures 1,700 COVID-19 patients. Medical doctors and lawyers allied against global malfeasance: in conversation with Heiko Schöning. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. The End Of Government Corruption – The Only Solution. Urgent Mass Global Action To Stop Unlawful Government. LIVE From South Africa We Discuss The Farm Murders With Rene Kruger. Australians must know the truth..

Videos: Republican National Convention – RNC Live Coverage – Day 3: Land of Heroes – 8/26/20. Trump SURGES to HIGHEST APPROVAL EVER as CNN’s Don Lemon FEARS Riots HURTING Dems!!! McCarthy slams Bette Midler over criticism of Melania Trump. Bill De Blasio Gets Hit With HUGE Lawsuit After Denying Pro-Police Mural. Reaction to California wealth tax – Will It Work? We Can’t Afford To Be Silent.

Videos: Republican National Convention – RNC Live Coverage – Day 2: Land of Opportunity with President Trump and First Lady – 8/25/20. Trump Takes 10 POINT LEAD Among Independents as Ratings for GOP Convention TROUNCE Dem DISASTER!!! Black Bishop Patrick Wooden Exposes the SICK Truth About Kamala Harris EVERYBODY Needs to See. Armed Citizens RISE UP in Kenosha to DEFEND Businesses from Rioters as Gun Ownership SKYROCKETS!!! Trump’s Wall from Sea to Shining Sea. Pro-Trump Mother Speaks Out After Women Rip Up Signs, Steal MAGA Hat From Son

Republican National Convention – RNC Live Coverage – Day 1: Land of Heroes – 8/24/20. Goodyear Caves to President Trump – Reverses Ban after Stocks PLUMMET. Laura Trump Schools NBC Hosts During Hostile Interview. Biden Protest – Students show up at DNC day 4 protest Creepy Joe, Save Our Children March. Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Breaks Silence. Trump SURGES to HIGHEST APPROVAL RATING as Dems End WORST Convention EVER!!! Trump’s Brother Passes & Media Instantly Affirm How Sick They Really Are. World’s Largest Trump Boat Parade. George Soros buying district attorneys across America, in Bible Codes. Kenosha Riots are PROOF Democrats Know They Have LOST 2020 Election!!! Proud Boys CRUSH Antifa Soyboys in Portland as Police Side with PATRIOTS!!! New York City is a Sh*thole  ... Continue Reading →

Videos: Law-breaking Liberal resigns. Blacked-out. Covered-up. Shut down. CORONAVIRUS FOREVER: When will our Canada return to normal? Petitioners Arrested and Detained as Security Level Rises in Beijing. Security leak reveals Chinese government surveillance of more ethnic minorities. WeChat Ban: What Is Trump’s Real Goal?

Videos: This Is Something You Won’t Believe – Dennis Prager. ‘Facebook now Promoting Holocaust Denial’. History is Being Erased From The Internet. Millie Weaver arrested over SHADOW GATE. Dr Rashid: TRUMP KNOWS THE TRUTH… 500,000 Women Unable to Conceive After Vaccines. AMAZOMBIES: BEFORE YOU SHOP ON AMAZON AGAIN YOU MAY WANT TO WATCH THIS… U.S. Citizens Accidentally Find Fields Of Human Cages. LEFTISTS Admit the Democrat Convention is a DISASTER as Trump’s Support SKYROCKETS!!! PHOTOS Reveal Bill Clinton with EPSTEIN VICTIM. KAMALA’S CLERGY COVERUP: WHY SHE REFUSED TO PROSECUTE CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE CASES BY CATHOLIC PRIESTS. ANTIFA and BLM Agitators are Getting CRUSHED in America’s New CIVIL WAR!!! Celebrities FLEEING Hollywood, Macy’s LEAVING Chicago.. ‘Facebook now Promoting Holocaust Denial’: SHADOW GATE – FULL FILM: https://banned.vide/watch?id=5f37fcc2df77c4044ee2eb03

Videos: New Yorkers express concern following mayor’s threat to sue Trump for interning in crime surge. Male in juvenile detention facility forced to take estrogen: Lawyer joins Tucker. U.S. Customs Seize Nearly 20,000 Fake Driver’s Licenses From China. Patriotic guy speak out on 911 memorial Tribute lights cancelled due to covid concerns. Trump AD. Uncle Tom -The Switch. Kamala Harris’ Great-Great-Great Grandfather Was A Slave Owner. Black Voices for Trump. BOMBSHELL: Trump Starts Press Conference by Announcing Guilty Plea in Spygate Case. Patriots KICK OUT Antifa THUGS from Suburbs All Across the NATION!!! DC Black Lives Matter protesters march through Adams Morgan D.C. police detain protesters

Videos: SICK!!! PEDOPHILES ARE NOW USING THIS ONLINE TOOL TO PREY ON CHILDREN AND IT IS PERFECTLY LEGAL!!! Hollywood, NYC protestors, speak out on child trafficking – Save The Children Protest. Teachers Admit They Want to Keep Parents in the Dark  

Videos: “You’ve Been Fooled!” Wow!!!:Project Engineer Who Made Bill Gates Microchip Speaks The Truth. Communism Plan For America. Wisconsin Puts a Mask Mandate In Place That Will Leave You Stupefied. FACE MASKS AT HOME?? The Latest Sign Public Health Officials Have Lost Any Sense Of Perspective!! INFRARED GUN: THIS IS HAPPENING TO YOUR BRAIN… Trust Stamp, Digital Vaccine Record, Cashless Payment System, Biometric Program. The Fourth Turning – How this crisis was predicted 30 years ago. Everything You’ve Ever Seen About Cuba Is A Lie. Not Good! Scientists Discover How To Weaponize and Control Locust Swarms with Single Chemical. Reporters face jail, fines under new Palaszczuk govt gag orders. Dr Rashid A Buttar WHY EVERYONE COULD TEST POSITIVE. IF WE HELP EACH OTHER, WE WOULD BE ALL SAVED❗

Shabbat Shalom dear friends around the world :-) Videos Included "Gei Veiter" - Go Forward! "Gei Veiter" in Yiddish means "Go Forward" - the best 2-word emotional first aid kit there is. See this Video: Who's Behind the Beirut Blast? Here is this week's emuna news roundup that you certainly won't read or hear on conventional media channels. Because of... Continue Reading →

Former Hezbollah leader: Nasrallah should stand trial first for Beirut blast. Beirut’s Earth-Shattering Explosion: ‘A Necessity for Messiah’s Arrival’. Like Haman: Hezbollah Chief Suffers from Evil Decree he made Against Israel. IDF Bombs Hamas Outpost in Retaliation for Day of Terror Balloons. What Did This Anti-Israel Org Use a Holocaust Photo For? Trump Blessed By Sephardi Rabbis

He will be a wild ass of a man Genesis 16:12 (The Israel BibleTM) Hezbollah’s first secretary general, Subhi al-Tufayli, said in a televised sermon last week that the group’s current leader, Hassan Nasrallah, should be first in line to stand trial over the Aug. 4 explosion at the Beirut port. In a sermon uploaded... Continue Reading →

Videos: THE SECRET OF THE CENTURY- Dr. Steven Greer. “We Call Them THE ELITE” 1% of The 1%. Matthew McConaughey “This Shouldn’t Be Happening!” “It Was All a Distraction!” U.S. General Makes A Confession. ‘Rescue America’ rally marches from Weho to Beverly Hills – Hollywood Protest organizers thank fans & everyone in country for supporting Save The Children event. Sign your petition to stop the Drag Queen Story Hours’ plot to indoctrinate children. MAGA guy David J Harris just got banned from American Airlines while on his way to speaking event. Seattle City Council Votes to ‘DEFUND the POLICE’ as Far Left Begins DESTROYING ITSELF!!! Downtown Chicago Under Lockdown After Night Of Looting & Unrest. Men with chainsaws attack site of anti-lockdown party at Toronto’s Cherry Beach I'm rallying Public Advocate's nationwide grassroots army to protect our children from the radical Homosexual Lobby's dangerous and immoral "Drag Queen Story Hours'" grooming sessions. That's why I need you to sign your petition to demand the Senate to... Continue Reading →

Why Are They Hiding The Truth? Bill Gates Is More Dangerous Than Coronavirus Itself. Roll-Up Your Sleeve or Go to Jail. “It’s All A SMOKESCREEN”. Wake Up People! “You are being misled”. “This is the SCAM of the century”. They call it THE GREAT RESET “Planned to the smallest detail”. “What They Don’t Want You To Know”. The Fact-Free Lockdown Hysteria – Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

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